I saw her from afar as she sat almost curled up on the stool she was sitting on; it seemed quite inappropriate for her to be sitting there considering today is her 16th birthday. She did not look up as I approached her, I noticed she had really changed in the past weeks that I have been away… yes she has changed. She was looking more beautiful, though her head was bent, I notice her face seemed to have grown rounder, even a little… fresher. Yeah, fresher was the word.

I was now in full view, and she she raised her head slowly. I noticed the tear-stained and the running nose almost at once. Why was she crying?

“Happy Birthday!” I said trying to cheer her up before launching into the reason for the damp mood on her birthday. She mumbled something back in return as she cleaned up her face, no one would believe she was the same beauty I just saw.

“Are you okay?” I asked, testing the waters,

She looked up at me from the stool she sat on, she pressed her lips against each other, obviously trying to conceal the turmoil going on within her, her eyes were already growing glassy, I spread my arms out, inviting her for a hug, still oblivious to whatever was happening. “Maybe the hug would communicate it” I thought to myself.

Almost immediately, she stood from the stool to receive the hug,  and for a moment she just released all the stuffed up breath against my neck, receiving comfort in the hug, then suddenly she froze and withdrew, like she just realized she had made a mistake, she looked into my eyes and looked away immediately as my eyes told her that I know. Yes, she was correct, I now know.

I opened my mouth to say something, anything to fill the empty space but I was lost for words. She looked away, ashamed. I groped for what to say as I steadily looked at her again, looking from her fuller face to her midsection then down her foot as if I had never seen her before.

She looked at me with a face as expressionlesls as a brick wall and spoke defensively,

“You caused it, you do not have any right to judge me. You were far away, there was no one to share my…my inner struggles with, you just were iinvisible”

I look on at her like I was in dream land, I actually wished I wws in dream land, she continued and I came back to reality just in time to catch her last three words “I am pregnant”

Had she said it once or thrice? I guess I heard it thrice, she was waiting, waiting for me to say something, anything to her.

Should I shout, which was exactly what I felt like doing. Why had she done this? How? When? Where was I? all this ran through my mind as she watched all the conflicting emotions play across my face. But yet she was waiting, like whatever I say would determine the next course of her life, she looked remorseful, but that did not cut it for me.

As I opened my mouth to give her the word of her life, any word of her life, the four-word-phrase flashed across my heart “What would Jesus do?”. All in a second, answers were pouring into my heart “Jesus would know she was hurting and he would want to help her heal, he did not condemn or crucify the woman caught in the act of adultery”

But am hurting too, how can my baby sister get pregnant?

“She is hurting, let my love flow from you to her, that would let it all heal”

“But she should know the truth, and I believe she should have a piece of it”

“Love her and you would know when it is time and how, for I will be merciful toward their iniquities and I will remember their sins no more”

With glassy eyes of my own, I stretched my arms out again, feeling like the father of the prodigal son. As my sister. My pregnant baby sister ran into it. There was no need for words, the hugs said it all, from the “I’m sorry I was not there for you” to her “you are forgiven” to my “I go through this with you” to “God would see us through”.

There and then I learnt a lesson, never judge the teenage mother, the pregnant adolescent, you do not know what they have been through. God will never judge them  so why should you?

Love them, that’s what Jesus would do!

God bless you!!TEENAGE MOTHER


(culled from 3G converge)

5 thoughts on “BABIES WITH babies

  1. Reblogged this on Godteengirls and commented:
    Don’t judge the teen mother, they need your support. Let’s start encouraging and stop casting down. Yeah, they made mistakes, I’m sure they know already, you don’t have to press it in. A hug, an encouraging word will go a long way.

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