Jesus Or A Bottle Of Coke?

It feels good to be writing and be sure that you are reading and being blessed by it. I am using this opportunity to say thank you to all of you that have blessed me by telling me how the post(s) on has been a blessing to you. Thanks much! Okay, so February 14th […]

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The Valentine’s Day Of My Dream

February 14th, the world acclaimed lovers’ day is happening again tomorrow. A drive, walk or cycle (which ever you have) through popular markets in Lagos, Nigeria will describe the expectancy of many. Valentine’s day as it is called is welcomed by many; market women, fashion designers, network providers, hooked singles, unhooked singles, couples etc. for […]

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Every Lady Has A Price.

I was in a public transit some months back when I was unfortunate enough to seat in the front seat with the driver and his friend. I was sitted in the middle so the exchange between them were heard clearly by me. As I heard have their snutty talk, my stomach turned out of irritation, […]

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The ‘Breast’ Matter

Growing up as a child, there were certain things that I did not have easy access to. There were certain things that do not come by everyday. Then, women were still new to driving so we used to count how many lady drivers we found on the road, but these days there seem to be […]

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No Title

As a writer, I know it is important that the title used to caption a particular work is catchy, whether it immediately communicates the main theme in the literature or not. Well, I chose that title not because of that reason but because really I did not know what to caption this particular piece, maybe […]

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Act Like A Girl (II)

Please note that what you are about to read is not from a silly guy that wants to runs his mouth on the female folks, it is however an objective and truthful view from a heart of love that seeks to see ladies be who God has created them to be. That said, enjoy your […]

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Act Like A Girl

‘Act like a girl’ (I) Welcome to the new month of February, may you experience all that God has in store for you this month! Happy new month!! So I saw this beautiful tampons advert and it was tagged ‘like a girl’ and it got me thinking about the way the phrase is been used […]

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