Act Like A Girl

‘Act like a girl’ (I)

Welcome to the new month of February, may you experience all that God has in store for you this month! Happy new month!!

So I saw this beautiful tampons advert and it was tagged ‘like a girl’ and it got me thinking about the way the phrase is been used and the way it is even being lived.

When someone says, ‘you act like a girl’, instinctively, it is interpreted as acting slow, acting childish, or acting rashly. When did being a girl become synonymous with this things?

If a person where to say to a guy (for example) “You talk like a girl”, it is interpreted as meaning you talk too much, or you talk about flimsy things or you talk like a weak person. The phrase is usually meant as an insult. So I was wondering, when did being a girl become so degraded and misunderstood that it is seen as an insult?!

Now, some girls in the bid to not want to be tagged as ‘acting like a girl’ begin to ‘over-do’ things. They get overtly strict and bossy or they get into a zone where their face is always in a case of permanent squeeze. While some try to use the male around them as standards, always locking themselves in unnecessary competition with a masculine counterpart, a counterpart that may not even know if such contest existed.

This usually results in burn-out, constant stress, headaches, bags under the eyes, feeling of inferiority, lack of self confidence, fear of failure, permitting a list of nonsense from people around and consequently living an unsatisfactory life of mediocrity.

The Holy bible states expressly ‘Male and female created He them’ (Genesis 1:27) “…and behold, it was very good” (verse 31). God created boys and girls without any preference for any, “for God is no respecter of persons”. So how did we arrive at a point where being a girl is associated with many negatives.

A popular example of this can be found on the road when driving, if you have ever being in a commercial bus, you would have heard a phrase like “No wonder, its a woman driving”. Such words usually follow after the driver notices the car infront of him driving in a way that may not be acceptable to him, so he shrugs it of since its a woman driving, as if it is okay for women to not do things right?

That takes me to another major angle of this matter. “…so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people” Phillipians 2:15(NLT). If many of you ladies will only live by the proper way God has intended, you can rebrand the synonym for female as strength! Live your life such that even when people are seeking for reasons to pull down the female gender, you won’t be an example for them to use.

Choose to reduce the count of ladies who live lives that brings reproach and shame to the female gender! Don’t add to the count! Why not be different! How?

In words! Let’s your words be seasoned with grace! It doesn’t mean you have to become a counselor overnight, or you should never make jokes or such, but let the utterances of your mouth be such that they add value to someone’s life. They add a smile to someone’s face. They had joy to someone’s heart. Not abusive, cursing and dirty languages that makes people wonder where you are from. Avoid silly gossips. Gossips that pull others down. If you are not telling the person, then don’t tell it to others! Make a difference in your words!

In your dress sense! Dressing is a major part of the female world, different people have different preferences and ideologies about what to wear and what not to wear. ‘…Modesty and selfcontrol…” 1 Timothy2:9, those are the key words, though it might seem simple at first, but when God is in the mix, it now gets very ‘uncertain’.

Dressed in a tight fitted top with ‘Juicy’ written across the chest, on a tight-fitted pants with ‘Watch this!’ written across the bum level of the pant does not scream modesty in any way. Now that might seem a little way above board, but that’s as practical as it can get. Modesty and selfcontrol. Self-control implies that if the top might look more fitting if a little cleavage was to show or if the skirt was a little more above the knee to show off just a little flesh, you choose not to wear it despite wanting to. Selfcontrol is the action that results into modesty. You can’t have modesty on your mind, and not exhibit self-control. They go together!

We’ll continue this series tomorrow. Don’t forget to like,share and/or comment. I’ll love to hear from you.

Till tomorrow, please keep acting like the girl God has made you to be!!!

2 thoughts on “Act Like A Girl

  1. I dnt evn knw aw i found myself here nd it doesn’t luk lyk i want to leave. This is so lovely. God bless ur ministry.

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