Act Like A Girl (II)

Please note that what you are about to read is not from a silly guy that wants to runs his mouth on the female folks, it is however an objective and truthful view from a heart of love that seeks to see ladies be who God has created them to be.
That said, enjoy your reading.

Permit me to mention the make-ups on faces these days. I personally don’t have anything against make-ups, but like I mentioned in the previous part of this series, let your make up exhibit modesty and restraint. You don’t have to use all the colours MaryKay has blessed your make-up kit with. You don’t have to put on heavy make-ups to look good. Infact heavy make-ups just helps you to lose yourself, it could give you a blind perception of thinking you are who you are not. Please note ‘HEAVY’ as the keyword.

The point I want to submit is this, in applying your make-up, also apply modesty and restraint. Learn to love your face without any make-up on it. Appreciate the natural, unassisted beauty God has endowed you with. Once in a while, leave your home without your make-ups on. Have a #NaturalDay. A #NaturalDay is a day where you choose to just look your natural self without any ‘enhancement’. Also fruits are also a major part of meals on this day. So, the onus of this submission is this, don’t apply make-up in such a manner that people wonder if you have a mirror. Love and appreciate your face with or without applying make-up. As much as you are adorning your body, ensure you are not leaving your inner man, the real you, starving and unkempt. Make-up your character too.

Now, let’s go on to talk about actions… Many ladies have acted in ways that seem very unacceptable. Either in ways they respond to matters or in the way they handle things. For example ‘giving up easily’ is another term associated with females; are you one of such females?

Females who easily give up on things, females who act very lazy when given tasks to carry out, and females who live life depending solely on others are part of the people that has won ladies this award of giving up easily. Don’t add to the number!

Its a little upsetting when I see females using their femininity as an excuse for not being able to carry out an assignment well, ‘don’t you know I’m a girl’ are usually the ready made excuse they give for falling short of expectation. Please when did being a girl become synonymous to slothfulness?

Proverbs 31:10-31 talks about a specie of woman that is full of strength yet soft, a woman who is hardworking yet sophisticated. Hardwork doesn’t make you lose your elegance as a lady, infact it adds to it. A woman without a vision is like a television without a tube. No matter how ‘small’ your vision may be, there has to be a vision. For some mothers, their singular purpose for living is for their children, that’s a mother’s vision, to see her children excel beyond her. So you find that whatever that woman does, she’ll do with that in mind.

God intended for the females too to have dreams and achieve them. Dreaming, creative ideas and changing of the world is not the exclusive reserve of a particular gender, its high time the ladies get a bite of this cake! Diligence is a key factor.

Another part that needs to be addressed is the words of the mouth. Mehn! Some ladies mouth fits the description ‘sharper than two edged sword’, their lips can cut into the skin of many without touching them, simply by ‘finishing’ them with the words of their mouth.

Ephesians 4:29 states “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” The unfortunate thing is the fact that some ladies take pride in this. They take pride in being able to give everyone their ‘size’. This is really lack of knowledge.
Proverbs 17:27 “Whoever restrains his(Her) words has knowledge…”. This doesn’t mean you are foolish or you are setting up yourself to be a pushover, it shows your level of knowledge. Anyone can give an abusive reply, but only the cultured and disciplined can restrain from speaking when you know the words won’t come out right.

Proverbs 21:23 advices “Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.“. So what should be done if you know you have a ‘double-egded tongue’? Psalm 141:3 provides the way out, “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips”. Ask for God’s help, He will help.

Remember where we started from ‘acting like a girl’. You are a girl, so please act like a girl, act like a lady, act like a woman and don’t be sorry you are one! Just ensure that you are repping the female folks well. Ensure that you are living the life that God has created the women to live; a life of worth and wisdom! A life worth more than rubies!!

I am a lady.
I am proud to be a lady of worth
I am a lady of wisdom
I will achieve all that God has created me to achieve
I am a G-Class citizen
I am worth more than rubies!!!

Stay G-Class (God-Class)!!!
I love you! (Its not a cliché, I mean it)

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7 thoughts on “Act Like A Girl (II)

  1. Act Like A Lady;You Dont Need A Guy To Tell You”You Are Beautiful” Before You Believe And Think You Are Beautiful.
    Act Like A Lady;Cherish Your Beauty
    Act Like A Lady;Be Prim And Proper

  2. Acting like a girl all the way. You’re a good writer, making your points known with a hint of humor here and there… sliding into the soul like a bottle of chilled coke. Hmmm

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