No Title

As a writer, I know it is important that the title used to caption a particular work is catchy, whether it immediately communicates the main theme in the literature or not.

Well, I chose that title not because of that reason but because really I did not know what to caption this particular piece, maybe you can suggest titles after reading, just do that below in the comment box.

Now, I am no particular fan of politics, I am indifferent about it really. Times when I get into discussions or arguments about politics, its usually for intellectual purposes.

However, I have been keeping a close eye on events of Nigerian politics recently. The political climate seems charged up, many say its because this particular election is going to decide which portion of the divide the cliff-tilting Nigeria is going to fall. But then I wonder, that’s the same thing everybody says when elections draw near.

Where I really want to draw a circle around is the fact that only Buhari and Jonathan (in no particular order, just alphabetic) seem to be in the spotlight for the no 1 position in Nigeria. Would it surprise you to know that there are actually 9 other presidential candidates?

I listened to a brief interview with the only female presidential aspirant, Prof. Comfort Oluremi Sonaiya, a very respectable woman,and she said her means of campaign were not fanfare centred. She talked about not wasting money to print shirts and all that. ‘Such types of campaign are wasteful’, she implied. As I listened to her, I tried to detect if she really meant what she said or it was one of those political professions. I think she was sincere. However, hardly does anyone know she is campaigning, even though she would have done all that needed to be done to be approved by the electoral body, INEC. So according to her, she is campaigning, but in more discreetly effective way and definitely economical way. But the truth still remains, majority do not know her.

So it got me thinking, how many times have I or you being really putting our best to make things happen, yet no one notices. How many times have you done the best you can give to make someone happy with you, yet the person thinks you have done nothing? Are there times when you really took bold sacrificial steps so that someone can have something that you do not have, yet the person takes it for granted? Are there times when you work in the background so someone else can be in the spotlight, yet when the person is being applauded, not even a simple ‘thank you’ was uttered to you?

How did you feel? Hurt? Angry? Upset? Disappointed? Frustrated? You felt like never doing good again? Don’t worry, you are good company. Its not just you, it happened to the Master of the universe too. One of His closest ‘paddy of life’ denied ever knowing him after He had turned this paddy’s life around. The biblical children of Israel did it several times to Moses, they would complain about fish, when they got meat, they even told him to his face that they preferred being in bondage than being free, after Moses had put all he had on the line for them. And do you know how this two responded? L-O-V-E! Love!

Galatians 6:9 says expressly “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” Matthew also says “When you do good deeds, don’t try to show off. If you do, you won’t get a reward from your Father in heaven”(CEV)

Whenever you do good to someone, you make a sacrifice or carry out an act of service, put it in mind that it is unto God. You are simply a delivery personnel. Whether you get thanks or not, it doesn’t matter. So like this particular piece, you may have ‘no title’, no public recognition and no clapping ovation, it doesn’t matter. What matters is God in heaven will not forget your labour of love, and the beautiful thing is that “God is a wonderful pay master” as my Father-in-the-Lord will say.

So, seek out a need everyday and meet it as you go through this month, expecting nothing from anyone but all things from God in heaven.

The fact is it is tough but the truth is it is possible. Do something for someone who can do nothing for you!


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