The ‘Breast’ Matter

Growing up as a child, there were certain things that I did not have easy access to. There were certain things that do not come by everyday. Then, women were still new to driving so we used to count how many lady drivers we found on the road, but these days there seem to be more women driving, especially on weekdays. Pornography too was scarce back then, you needed to get to a cyber cafe, buy your ticket and watch discreetly without the notice of the cafe attendant popularly called ‘server’. But that’s not the case these days with the advent of smartphones and easy connectivity to the internet.

A major view that was not common around then ( at least in the area where I lived) is the visibility of the female’s breast. I dare say it was scarce to see then, but now, you can find them, up, down, left, right and centre. Many ladies have grown generous with the ‘breast view’. I am not in anyway attacking you if you are a part of this, but I would like to inform you about the importance of having breasts. Why do you think God gave the female the breast to distinguish him from the man? God is not a wasteful God, if He gave the females breast, it is there for a reason.

Some females, young and old, go about flaunting their breasts in low-cut blouses or transparent tops. Some allow every different men (not their husbands) lean on it as if it were a pillow, some go as far as allowing men use their lips and hands to draw maps on their breast, and this happens with men they are not married to. If you were informed about the significance of your breasts as a woman, you would guide it with all diligence the way the bible has admonished us to guard our hearts.

Woman, do you know that your breast signifies your God-given ability to sustain, retain and maintain that which He has committed into your hands? Do you know it also signifies your resourcefulness as God’s own creature?-Philip Asuquo.

The breast and womb are two major distinguishing factors of the male and female gender. Both has great spiritual significance and insight that has helped in understanding the plan or purpose for creating the female.

The breast, physically represents the seat of nurture. A mother needs her breast to nurture her child. Even medical practitioners advise that babies be given sufficient breast milk. One of the reasons why God gave you that breast is because you are a NOURISHER. The woman was made to add value. Everytime you allow your breast be joked with, value is been sucked out of you! You are meant to add value. Guard your breast!

One of the names of God, El-Shaddai, implies the ‘Multiple breasted One’. This paints the picture of a nursing mother having the ability to nurse her child, protect and give that child strength. Your breast is a symbol of the strength God has deposited in you! You don’t have to flaunt it. ‘Its just my cleavage I expose’ you say, why expose anything? Everytime you advertise your cleavages and the whole package, you simply show insecurity in your person. Be a woman of strength, keep it covered and untouched!

protect breast

Allow me add too that the breast is not an accessory, something God added as an after thought to add beauty. Yes, it does add beauty, but its purpose is more than being a decorative piece of flesh. It signifies the life of generations that you are privileged to carry as a lady. That breast will nourish your children and generations unborn. It will sustain your husband. Proverbs 5:19 talks about satisfying your husband with your breasts. So that time will come, but in the mean time, guard it jealously. Everytime you allow undiscerning guys or silly girls play around with your breast, mentally imagine that you are playing with generations unborn.

So, Ladies, everytime you wake up each morning, and you feel your breast, give thanks to God for the gift He has given you and make a commitment to not allow anyone mess with it.

Don’t allow silly bike men who jump into every gallop in sight take advantage of you. Be wary of unserious co-passengers who will exaggerate taking out money from their pockets all in the bid to have their elbows poke you. Avoid immature guys who are constantly asking you for hugs all in the bid to ‘tap current’. Above all be a wall that is not accessible for such trivialities, not a door open to anyone.(Songs Of Solomon 8:9-10).

Remember, your breast is not merely a decorative pound of flesh, its a blessing to be guarded!

PS: if you are guilty of the ‘breast flaunting’, please choose to change your dress mode. If you allow somethings because of money, please speak to God about it, He will settle you, He is the multiple breasted God! Don’t worry He will forgive you. Proverbs 28:13 ‘He that covereth his sin shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy”. Talk to Him now.

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