Every Lady Has A Price.


I was in a public transit some months back when I was unfortunate enough to seat in the front seat with the driver and his friend. I was sitted in the middle so the exchange between them were heard clearly by me. As I heard have their snutty talk, my stomach turned out of irritation, not really because of the subject matter but because of their mindset concerning the subject matter. They got into a discussion about ladies and their value, the driver’s friend started the conversation and plain said it in Yoruba that it takes money to buy a girl’s heart. The driver readily concurred as he shared a story of another friend of his who was finally able to pin a girl down after she has done series of “shakara”. ‘My friend spoilt her with money on her birthday, bought her a brand new phone and spent #30,000naira on shopping for her” the driver boasted of his friend, he continued as his other friend and I (discreetly) listened, “after that day, my friend told me he was going to stop calling the girl and I should observe what will happen. True to every girls way, it was this same girl that had formed plenty shakara earlier that now calls the guy because she wants more” he concluded. The both friends laughed at the rightness of their hypothesis. The driver’s friend in the bus, decided to prove the point too, he picked up his phone and called his girlfriend, and after dropping some lies for her, he ended the call with a smile of ‘I told you so’ directed at his friend. I longed to slap sense into the two men, but then I am smart enough to know that ‘it’s not by power nor by might…’, so I alighted from that bus pondering and wondering if that was the same mentality many guys had about girls or even worse if the girls think so of themselves too. However I must agree with one thing they got right, Every lady has got a price. Permit me to add, the price just varies. Allow me put that together, every lady has got a price, the price just varies. Before you draw your conclusion, permit me to prove it to you. For some ladies, like the lady in my story above, all she was worth was an ‘in vogue’ phone plus a shopping spree. We have many ladies like that, for some their price is blackberry subscription fee (#1000-#1500). As soon as the guy is able to help with their subscription, he can lay claim to them. He is allowed to feel like he owns them. For some, a simple chicken and chips at KFC is all they are worth and their all yours. You say you are not like that? Let’s consider this, a guy is asking you out, you know you are going to say no to him, but you deliberately delay the answer so that you don’t lose out on the monthly subscription and weekly trips to eateries and you say you are not like that? You are not really going out with him, but you allow him take you on shopping sprees after which you allow him hold you in places that are the exclusive reserve of your husband and you say the shopping mall is not your price. Some guys have perfected the art of studying a lady to know where he can hit her. In fact for some, a trip to the cinema is all it takes to get them groveling at your feet. The question I pose to you is, “How much do you worth?” priceless, you say and I ask, how priceless are you? Listen to this, No guy, girl, man or woman has the right to pay your price because you are worth more than rubies. Someone has paid the price for you already, you have being paid for. What different the wise ones from the rest is that, they price are not in things that are seen, “…for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are unseen are eternal”. The wise knows that Jesus has already paid the price for them so they are not moved by this physical things. I Corinthians 6:20 says “For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body”. That guy do not own you, you can’t afford to do anything you want to your body, moreover you will only be harming yourself. Let the kissing stop, let the heavy petting and smooching cease, let the premarital sex come to a halt as this realization sink in, JESUS HAS PAID THE PRICE FOR ALL THAT YOU NEED. I Corinthians 7:23 puts it this way “Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men” Refuse to be the slave of anyone, refuse to be the dumping ground for anyone’s sexual waste. It is time for you to stop groveling at feet of that uncle. It is time for you to stop being the one tossed around like a piece of handkerchief; you are worth more than that! Do you know how much you are worth? You are worth the life of Jesus Christ! Why then should you belittle yourself for BIS or a trip to the mall, a birthday cake or valentine night out. You are worth a lot more than that. Live like you know it! Every lady has got a price, the price tag only differs. Ensure that the price tag on you is JESUS. If you have allowed yourself to be used before, or you want to break free from people that have made you servants to their cravings, please talk to Jesus now, he is able to help. “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” I decree that this truth will set you free in Jesus name. If you would like to talk with me, please feel free to drop a note on how in the comment box, I’ll reply you ASAP Confession I am beautiful I am valuable enough for Jesus to die for I am important to God I will not allow myself be used I am worth more than rubies I am a G-Class lady! #wiseup

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