The Valentine’s Day Of My Dream

val of my dreams

February 14th, the world acclaimed lovers’ day is happening again tomorrow. A drive, walk or cycle (which ever you have) through popular markets in Lagos, Nigeria will describe the expectancy of many. Valentine’s day as it is called is welcomed by many; market women, fashion designers, network providers, hooked singles, unhooked singles, couples etc. for different reasons. Though I would not fail to identify that Valentine’s day will be instrumental to the mending of a number of failing relationships, I however cannot overlook the various immoral atrocities that are usually being perpetuated as a result of this day. Many young girls will have stories of lost virginity to tell, some won’t need to tell the story until nine months from now when the fruit planted will be in full bloom, some would have started their journey into drunkenness, some would have charted a path of homosexualism. Secondary school students will have their ‘first kiss’, some a little more touch in places. Many will be involved in brawls and a number will be disappointed as they will discover their cheating spouse. All these are major reasons why I am not a personal fan of Valentine’s day. I have seen at different levels the devastating aftermath of this annual celebration. A number of people have asked me my take on celebrating Valentine’s day and I have two answers for them. One is that, Christmas for me is the day to celebrate the purest kind of love. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son…” that for me is the most undiluted, unadulterated kind of love! Before you think I’m being overtly spiritual, allow me tell you the other reason. Mr Valentine a.k.a St Valentine, the man who is the reason for this celebration died for love, true! But the piece of information that we usually deliberately or unconsciously miss is that the man did not die for romance in the real sense of it. He was a selfless man that decided to ensure the continuity of a God-ordained process not minding the consequences. So if we are really going to celebrate Valentine, then it should be done in line with its purpose, it should fashioned after the one who it is named after. The theme for Valentine then should be Selfless Sacrifice. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”, and how did that happen, He died for us, you and I. This St Valentine also died for some, in a sense. So am I asking you to die for your spouse? No. I don’t think that will be necessary and its not even about your spouse. St Valentine did his service for people that did not have to pay him. So what’s the Valentine’s day of my dream? A day when everyone will ‘do things for people that can do nothing in return’. A day when shoeless children, hungry street kids, lonely children in orphanages (those are really in need) will feel the warmth of our love. Why not buy the girl on the street selling orange her own orange to take, help an old lady cross the road, visit the school of the blind and volunteer, go the extra mile for someone you would usually not do that for. Find an act of service you can do for someone who can do nothing in return. If you want to spend the time with your spouse, then do this together, create the memories of loving on others together first before you end up having dinner in a dimly lit sophisticated restaurant with candles all around. That will be in the spirit of Valentine, a good act for others then yourself, not just romantic love celebration. That is the Valentine of my dreams, the February 14th I love to see. I know it will happen soon. It begins with you and I. I love you…its not a cliché, I mean it!

2 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Of My Dream

  1. Preaching Christ to people right before they lose it.. 🙂 Beating the devil blue-black.. I did that last year, will do that again this year… It begins with u and I – the believers, the church.. 🙂

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