Girls, watch each others back!

Hello to you, how are you doing today? I’ve been pondering over a matter for a while now among other things due to some recent occurrences so I have decided to share what I think about the matter. Allow me take you back in time. We walked together to the church junction gisting about nothing […]

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Man Of My Dreams Reality…

I was having a group date with a number of ladies that I hold dear to my heart, and as our discussions shifted from trivials to really important things, we got talking about some deep things. When we got to the matter of choosing life partner, one of them asked me “Bro Lekan, ah ah! […]

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Beware of Umbrellas and Canopies!

When I first heard the term ‘Umbrella ministry’ I laughed, because I loved the sound of it. It captured what it meant well. However after some time, I discovered that umbrella didn’t describe it for some people, some had gone pro and what could describe them is ‘Canopy ministry’, hence the title. Here’s a true […]

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