Miley Cyrus: The Y-Junction

Have you ever been going somewhere you’ve not being in a while. The memory is quite vague but as you moved down the street, the road gets familiar until you come to a ‘Y’ junction.

A ‘Y’ junction is quite different from a ‘T- junction. Erm…a ‘Y’ junction form the letter ‘Y’ while the ‘T’ junction forms letter ‘T’. Is that simple enough? Lol. Unlike the T-Junction that its branches are well differentiated, the branches of the Y-junction are not so apart. So if you are walking down the street, and you get to the Y-junction, if the description says “go straight”, you really don’t know which is straight because both count as straight.

Growing up, I used to love seeing young people doing things meaningful with their lives, I used to check the internet for the richest teenagers in the world which was how I met the likes of Farrah gray(an american entrepreneur), Macaulay Caulkin(the very resourcefully troublesome guy in Home alone, remember him?), and much later Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus, who played Hannah Montana (I’ve not seen the movie though, but I’ve read one or two of the book series) started appearing on the big screen as a very young cute girl. Like I like to say, the kind of girl that wore flowery gowns with their hair in bunny style. When they smile, they show off their missing tooth making the smile hit you straight in the heart. That was the kind of girl Miley Cyrus was until she ‘grew up’. The 1992 born child star shared easter with her fans by posting a bunny picture of herself online. The picture actually leaves nothing to the imagination, not like Miley dresses as a class teacher or librarian before anyway, but it just got me wondering how the mild and cute girl turns into a wild young lady. Rihanna captures it well with her song title ‘Good girl gone bad’.

Coming across her in the news recently got me a little worried, not just about her, but with many other females around the world. Everyone starts life as that cute little girl that all she’s concerned about is chocolates and ice-creams, and then they get to the Y-junction of their lives, where they have to grow up and choose where to turn themselves, no more holding daddy’s hands.

Miley Cyrus says “That’s what you’re supposed to do; you are 20, you are supposed to be a mess because you haven’t figured it out yet, and 10 years from now I am supposed to have it all together.”

If you are a fan of Miley, well I’m sorry to say but she got it all wrong there. There are enough curves in life already that you can’t afford to ‘grow-up’ into a crazy wreck of a person.

‘For the thoughts that I think towards you are thoughts of good…’ Those are God’s thought for you.

He can still be your daddy to show you where to go.

Some take the branch that takes them into becoming strippers, some go into drugs, illegal ways of making money. Some just get so carried away with growing up that they become petulant and intolerable. They shout at their parents anyhow, slam doors at teachers, curse preachers and act very unruly. Ask any of them why this is so, the answer is simple and the same “Its part of the growing up process’.

Girls, growing up doesn’t have to make you a wreck. It can be enjoyable and fun. Yes, you might want to do some crazy things, but smoking weed, walking nude to a party or deliberately throwing tantrums isn’t the proper kind of crazy.

I was stupefied when I came across a news about a young lady that decided to walk nude around a market and carry out normal day-to-day activities as if she had her clothes on. She said it was an art research or something of that nature, and my mind kept wondering, where are we going?

Ladies, the world might go crazy, but you don’t have to go crazy with it. The beautiful thing however is if the combination of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Kim Kahdashian were to ask Jesus to take a selfie with them, (like Kim mentioned she would want to in an interview), do you think Jesus will oblige them, considering their dress sense and pose styles?

I don’t know if He’ll do a selfie, but I know He would want to still love on them. That’s why He died so that growing up into the woman of His dreams won’t be difficult for you.

Many things cause many people to take the wrong bend in life, whatever your own reason is, God is able to handle it ‘Cast your cares upon me’ He says. Will you?

And to you that you love picking holes in people’s lives, erm…please if you can’t pray for them, please shut up! Don’t talk bad of them. You don’t know their history.

For mothers, completely lost on how to put the proper check on their daughter that seems to be going off the handle, please pray for them. Don’t give up on them.

For the child growing into a teenager, teenager still going through the process, for a teenager growing into twenty, for the spinster growing into a married woman, for the married woman growing into a mother, for the mother growing into a grandmother and for every category of growth you might be experiencing now, please be reminded that you “…can do all things through Christ who strengthens…’ you. You can take anything. You can absorb anything. You can go through that process without taking the wrong bends. Trust Jesus, He rose to gave you victory! Its yours, all you have to do is reach out for it.

Thank you for reading this but I want to ask a favour. Please take a minute to pray for the three big screen celebrities, however way you want to.

I pray that you won’t take the wrong bend at your life’s Y-junction in Jesus name.

Thank you.
Keep living G-Class!

…God-Class Girls!!!

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