Woman Like No other!

This letter, I, aremotobi write with my own hands to Titilope Adigun, a woman who is not a knight but with the sword of the spirit and her knees she wins battles untold. I beseech that this letter be read in the ears of all the young women, old women, married, unmarried and widowed that […]

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For the guys… Just as her hips swing Your head begin to ring And down below begins to ping You act like you are flying on eagles wing Infact you begin to sing Suddenly you can’t think So your lashes help you blink Because lust and loss of virtue have a link A link that […]

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Sexual Urge Can Help You Worship!

“How many of you here have ever fallen in love before?” I looked around and found a few hands go up. “Okay, how many of you have had crushes before, crushes you thought can be named love?” I pressed further, I noticed more hands went up, satisfied I continued my questions. “Have you ever felt […]

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Once upon a crush…

I paused for a split second and continued walking. No one would have noticed I paused, it was very very brief. My eyes rested for some seconds on the reason for this irregular motion, “it is her”, I heard my heart tell me as if trying to convince me that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. […]

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