Once upon a crush…

I paused for a split second and continued walking. No one would have noticed I paused, it was very very brief. My eyes rested for some seconds on the reason for this irregular motion, “it is her”, I heard my heart tell me as if trying to convince me that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. A couple of thoughts ran through my mind quickly until it came to rest on one in particular, ‘beauty is vain’.

There was an ironical mix of disappointment and excitement as the realization stared at me in real life. I always knew beauty was fleeting, infact I had written and preached about it at different times, (and I will still do), but it just hit me afresh sha. You know like when you buy a chilled bottle of water after spending some time in the city of Lagos’ hustling sun, though you see the ‘sweat’ trickle down the bottle but you won’t know how cold it really is until it hit your mouth, that was how I felt.

The object of this realization did not even know I saw her and if she did, she probably did not recognize me any more or may be she just doesn’t care. After we had walked pass each other at a popular bustop, it occurred to me that in all my years of sharing stories about the different crushes I’ve had, I have never mentioned her name, but looking back now, I think she was one of them, though even then she was quite petulant and we barely spoke. Despite her obnoxious and snobby attitude then, I always wanted to see her, I looked forward to going to their church for a quiz competition I was a regular at when we were in the teens church. I think she was the first of the two dark skinned girl I have ever had a crush on.

Okay away from crush matters. Lol. What struck me was that she was the first ‘beautiful’ dark skinned girl I ever knew, by my childish standard then anyway, now I know better. So I saw her again few days ago and I was like “seriously”. Not that she was looking ugly or anything. She still looked fine, you get, but that radiating ‘beautifulness’, the ‘black and shine’ charm that was there was no longer there.

I started to wonder if her beauty then had made me say , think or do anything stupid back then, I obviously would be regretting it now. Likewise, if she had depended on her fine face and not bothered about enriching her heart and mind with adequate knowledge, she probably would be blaming herself. More on that on the #beautyandbrains on twitter.

The point of this is not to say you should not be beauty (or handsome), nah, please by all means work at looking good, but beyond that, work on building and beautifying the real you. This body is just the casing, the original you is within, enrich it.

Many guys are busy building six packs while their spirit can’t even scare a mosquito, same goes for some girls. Some of this six packs guys don’t even have 6small books to their name. (I’m not beefing you if you have six packs o, I also hope to have in the nearest future…lol) So this does not just apply to the ladies, the guys too dey.

If all you have is your fine face, change your ways. Fine face on empty head doesn’t stand the test of time!

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain…” Proverbs 31:30

My dear reading friend, feed your heart not just your body. Don’t just do body building, engage in brain building. Don’t just make-up your face, step-up your intellect.

A major take-away for me from this experience is that i should stop spending most of my time on things that years from now will not matter anymore. I hope you learnt something?


PS: (I’ll be sharing another side of this soon, where the ‘not beautiful’ becomes beautiful. Make sure you are following this blog so you don’t miss it.)

14 thoughts on “Once upon a crush…

  1. Yea yea, once upon a crush. I like your closing note sir but do we really always know what won’t matter in the future? At times, we are blinded by emotions and all.

    1. Thanks ‘Mowunmi….true atimes we are blinded by emotions…the more reason why we shouldn’t act based on emotions, because we’ll be acting blindly. Time spent building our spirit man, brains usually will yield fruit later…

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