Sexual Urge Can Help You Worship!

“How many of you here have ever fallen in love before?” I looked around and found a few hands go up. “Okay, how many of you have had crushes before, crushes you thought can be named love?” I pressed further, I noticed more hands went up, satisfied I continued my questions.

“Have you ever felt for Jesus that kind of ‘love’ you felt for that person?” I asked.

“Aaahh!” was one of the sounds I heard that day that matched the shaking of the head of the young congregation before me.

The congregation was a gathering of young leaders, majorly teenagers who held leadership positions and served in the church. I was not surprised by their response though as I could feel them. Most time when we have crushes or we perceive we ‘love’ someone, it comes with accompanying sexual drives or urges if you prefer, so how can you have that kind of feeling towards God?!

It’s a pity that the church, has generally painted sex to the young people as BAD, so in the mind of the young, the equation SEX=BAD exists, which in extension includes sexual urges. However have you ever wondered why when you become born again and “…old things are passed away, behold all things are become new”, your sexuality still remains? Why doesn’t God take away your sexual urges? Why do you feel a stir within when you stare at the picture of the girl on the billboard with the exaggerated chest and skimpy skirt? (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway) Why do you feel ‘jimjim’ when you hold the hand of that particular guy, even in church during team prayers? Why won’t God just take away our sexual urge?

I’ll like to state first that SEX IS GOOD! Now wait, I am not married and I have never had sex in my life (Thanks to God for helping me o!), but I do know that it is good, because apart from the testimony of a number of married people I know, God instituted sex and He pronounced it GOOD. Sex is a lot more than two people just getting laid; it is an act of worship that God has creatively and carefully crafted to be carried out only within the marriage boundary. (You don’t like the sound of boundary?)

So for you and I that are not married, what are we supposed to do in the meantime with this sexual drive that exists within us? Are we supposed to ignore this longing to want to be with someone that can satisfy the emotional needs that we have? What are we to do with this constant thought of wanting to be around the opposite sex even if only just to strike up a conversation with him or her? I remember my first crush, (I still remember her name clearly, but I won’t share with you. lol) I used to go to school early so as to spend a little extra time with her, I used to take her assignments home to do for her, I just wanted to do something for her to express what I feel, I wanted to always spend time with her; during class, play or on our way home. I could never get tired of seeing her face. Choi! I was proud of her, she was a fine gurl! I wanted the best for her, I talked about her, I just had her in my thoughts always…always, until the crush cleared. Imagine o, though many years has passed, I can still describe what she looked like then! Choi!!

“My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips, when I remember you upon my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night.” Psalm 63:5

“Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not his benefits…who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:2-5


Note the phrase …and meditate on you in the watches of the night. Have there been times when chatting with that girl had kept you up all night? (I remember days of midnight call, do I have a witness?) or times when thoughts of sex fill your heart and you give in to watching pornography in the ‘watches of the night’ when no one is there to watch you? Maybe you even eased yourself by masturbating, I have good news for you, your sexual urge can lead you to a more fulfilling relationship with Jesus who alone can ‘who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagele’s’. Note that every other way you might want to satisfy this urge will only sap strength from you; it will fill you with guilt and shame. The good news, however, is that temptation, lust, porn, sex, shame and guilt are no match for the grace Jesus offers us. Doesn’t that put a smile on your face?

So now I know what not to do with my sexual urge, what do I do with? How do I handle it such that instead of sapping strength from me, it can draw me close to God and allow me enjoy His intimate presence?

“Take me away with you! Let’s run off together! An elopement with my King-Lover!We’ll celebrate, we’ll sing, we’ll make great music. Yes! For your love is better than vintage wine. Everyone loves you-of course! And why not?” Song Of Solomon 1:4 (MSG)

The above scripture describes how madly we can unrepentantly fall in love with Jesus. Let your sexual urge remind you that nothing in this world can satisfy. Let it remind you of how you should long for the presence of the Most High God till you get to the point where you can’t do without Him.

So how do you differentiate between LUST and a ‘normal’ sexual urge? Where do you draw the line with sexual drives? These questions will be answered in the next series. Make sure you are following the blog so you can be notified as soon as it is out.

Stay sexually Pure!

I love you, it’s not a cliché, I mean it!


PS: Please read this important information.

June 13 is Virginity Day! A day when we advocate sexual purity and celebrate those that have kept themselves as virgins. It’s not a day for condemnation like many may think, rather, it’s a day of reconciliation, a day for renewal and a day for re-invigoration!

Please join us on this campaign!


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