For the guys…

Just as her hips swing
Your head begin to ring
And down below begins to ping
You act like you are flying on eagles wing
Infact you begin to sing

Suddenly you can’t think
So your lashes help you blink
Because lust and loss of virtue have a link
A link that leads all the way to sharing the devil’s drink

Blink your eyes
Turn your neck
Even if your head and brains do not cooperate
Please let your heart and leg relate

And for the girls….

So you are tripping
Just with ‘you are beautiful’ from his mouth pouring
You begin blushing
And then it went to wishing
And before long lusting

If only he’ll touch me
If only he’ll kiss me
If only he’ll ask me to be to his

If only you’ll be wise
Why allow anyone play you like a dice
Or walk over you like rubber tiles
He will add you to his conquered files
And after you have been defiled
He’ll run from you like you are bile

His ‘I’ll die for you’ was a rap style
His constant ‘I love you’ was just for a while
Until your defences fall like a clothe pile
And you are left without a smile.

Be wise
Stand for sexual purity!

A word is said to be enough
For the wise.
I am Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobiloba
I stand for sexual purity
Let’s stand together!

June 13th is world virginity day
And this is what we have to say
Sexual purity pays!

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