Woman Like No other!

This letter, I, aremotobi write with my own hands to Titilope Adigun, a woman who is not a knight but with the sword of the spirit and her knees she wins battles untold. I beseech that this letter be read in the ears of all the young women, old women, married, unmarried and widowed that they may lend their heart unto the true walk, act and ways of a God-Class standard, which Titilope Adigun thus lives.

I say unto you, in the world are there not not classes and standards? Some are measured in stars, one-star, three-star, five-star and even seven-star resort centres. In a plane, you have the economy, the business class and the first class. We, however have been called to a higher order, because as it is written, ‘ye are in the world but not of the world’, it is therefore imperative that we live in an order that is higher than the world order because ye are children of the MOST HIGH God and “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world”.

It is this Higher order that Titilope Adigun lives, which is why I say she is a ‘God-Class Girl. ‘Girl’ because like the little child never grows tired of being her father’s child, she never tires of being humble and always trusting in the presence of her heavenly Father.

Without any iota of malice, she has entertained the brethren and sisthren in her home and still do, a mother to many, a sister to not a few and a mentor to plenty of which I am one. Haven’t the scripture said it, that ‘he who finds a wife finds a good thing…’? Do you want to see who a wife is? Look no further, here she is.

Full of wisdom, tact and soft words, she turns away wrath, living in the Holy Ghost, she speaks words of life in and out of season. With a heart sold out to God, she loves His people. I dare boast in the Lord, that if you ever wonder or doubt if the marriage covenant was established by God, or you ever fear that marriage is not a beautiful thing, go and sit with her, watch her and her husband, watch her and her children and you won’t but ask that God bless you with your own BOMB (Bone Of My Bone).

Chapter 2

She is a WOMB, nurturing life and not a TOMB, rejoicing in death.

Her words are LIFE, soothing and health Not a KNIFE, cutting and hurting

She is BEAUTIFUL, not just in the FACE

She is WISDOMFUL, and full of GRACE

Marrying as a VIRGIN, she remains sexually PURE

Even if you’re not a VIRGIN, will she love you? SURE!

I beseech ye therefore all ye ladies, that if there be a woman to emulate, a woman to admire, a woman to celebrate, it is Titilope Adigun(Mrs)!

Happy Birthday to you ma.

I Love and appreciate you ma!

4 thoughts on “Woman Like No other!

  1. Happy birthday to you ma many years you will to declare God’s glory according to His perfect plan and purpose in Jesus name amen.

  2. P.Roy u never cease to amaze me. I’m really thrilled and blessed. God bless you. More wisdom and insights by the grace of God.

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