Let Go and Let GOD!

Have you ever arranged a jigsaw puzzle? You will discover that when you started putting the pieces together you were determined to have an end result even though you might be scared at first of starting because you don’t know where to start from. At first when you start arranging it, it might not make […]

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Not anymore!

Are there times when you just want to cry? No particular reason, but you just h ave this…feeling to cry. Are there times when you have so many people around you yet you feel all so alone? Are there times many people around you are saying ‘I love you’ to you but it just doesn’t […]

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Your future can’t be sacrificed on the altar of your past! One of the moments in my growing up years that I always had the mixed feeling of excitement and a little worry was when the tree in our house then sheds its leaves. It was beautiful seeing the brownish dead leaves go and fresh […]


My Love Story II

” He’s with me.” I used to lie on my bed and read my bible,soon the tears  dropped till the words  got blurred and I couldn’t read anymore. I used to close my eyes to say an honest prayer and then before I knew it,my thoughts were all jumbled up and my mind would wander […]

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Strippers wanted!

“Tope! Which kain BC be that?” “Boss, na so we see am o. Na work levels o” “Work levels? You dey find strippers” “Yes o! They must be good with poles. But if they are not, we’ll train them. Abeg help me share the BC too” “Ehen..make I ask you something” “Oya nah” “Erm…Has Dolamu […]

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