Strippers wanted!

“Tope! Which kain BC be that?”
“Boss, na so we see am o. Na work levels o”
“Work levels? You dey find strippers”
“Yes o! They must be good with poles. But if they are not, we’ll train them. Abeg help me share the BC too”
“Ehen..make I ask you something”
“Oya nah”
“Erm…Has Dolamu finished serving?”
“Yeah, she finished her service with the last batch”
“She don dey work for oil company now she don forget me abi?”
“No o, you know as Naija be nah..My sister has still not found a job o”
“Ehyah…I hope she has enlisted for this stripping business o”
“Boss..abeg stop am!”
“What’s that?”
“Why would you say I should allow my sister enlist for a stripping job?”
“But you are looking for girls. And your sister is jobless and available”
“Something is loose in your brain”
“Okay sorry. How about Chika, your cousin, she could use the extra cash from the stripping job”
“What’s this nonsense! Why would I want any of my family members stripping?!”
“ you can’t afford to see your own sisters and cousin strip before silly men on poles and here you are wanting other people’s daughters, sisters, wives and mothers to come dance naked on a pole”
“*angry face* abegi! Mind your business!!!”

Because of the increased lustful appetite of silly young and old men or young and old women, there has been an heightened increase in strip clubs. The business seem to be booming and many girls and guys are the object of these lustful cravings.

It is however not surprising that there is a continuous supply of many talented ladies and guys as strippers or pole dancers. At bachelorette and bachelor’s eve, its common place to find male and female strippers respectively, ‘its your last day as single’, the friends of the ‘to-be’ would say. A brief walk on the street will show you that many young people are ready to remove their clothing as the earliest request. They are so thinly clad, leaving nothing to the imagination. So, it becomes easy for them to fall prey of this shameful act when persuaded.

Strip dancing is becoming really disturbing as teenagers of 15years are found to be involved in this act. A word with them and you’ll discover that a number of them veered into such act out of greed, ‘laziness’,sexual abuse or just sheer chase of adventure. For some, lack of parental guidance or financial strength is their excuse. Permit me to announce to you,there’s no reason anyone should have to go through the shameful act of pole-dancing or stripping! If you are involved in one or you know one, please know that you don’t have to continue in that line.

Like many every area of life that man is getting it wrong, I discover that man follows some wrong paths because of lack of understanding. The things we should be doing towards God, we channel it wrongly!

Its surprising that many go before God with full clothes on, guarding their emotions and life from Him. Burying their pains, shames and guilt deep within their hearts so that they are not naked before God, but they are ready to get naked before man, this is a grave mistake!

“And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself” Genesis3:10

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable.” Hebrews4:13

Instead of resisting the message of change because you fear condemnation, embrace it. God doesn’t condemn. You might have done some really shameful things, things you are not proud of, things you think you are stuck with and can’t ever change. Please know today that God wants you to strip before him. Lay yourself bare to Him and see how He helps you and heal you.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done or what you are doing right now. You are loved by Jesus. If you are a dancer Jesus loves you, if you are a stripper God loves just as much as He loves the banker or pastor! He wants you to be a part of family!

god loves2
Many have resisted the message of sexual purity because they felt they have gone too far to return to the sanity and sanctity of sexual purity, please know today that it’s never too late.

June 13th is a new opportunity to embrace sexual purity. Its virginity day! A day to advocate and encourage sexual purity.
Join my friends and I as we advocate sexual purity!
No strip-dancing
No masturbation
No pornography
No smooching
No necking
No kissing before marriage
No touching before marriage.


PS: If you’ll like to talk about getting on the path of sexual purity, please feel free to reach me @asphumanbeing or
god loves

God is saying, I love strippers too, I am ready to strip them of the guilt and shame and cloth them with gladness and virtue. He did it before for a particular lady in John 4. Please answer the call.
I love you! Its not a cliché, I mean it.

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