Not anymore!

Are there times when you just want to cry? No particular reason, but you just h ave this…feeling to cry. Are there times when you have so many people around you yet you feel all so alone? Are there times many people around you are saying ‘I love you’ to you but it just doesn’t click with you. You hear the words with such dry and emotionless heart. Are there times when someone tells you it’s going to be okay, you reply with a ‘Yes’, you even add a grin smiley, but you are not really so sure that it’s going to be okay. Are there times you are not interested in praying anymore because everything you have been praying for recently seemed to have being on hold so you are beginning to wonder if God is on vacation or He is just plain ignoring you?

Are there times when you wish people will just understand your intentions and quit making you feel inadequate? Are you in a place where the people you love the most are the ones who take you for granted the most? Can you feel yourself drawing close to a place where you would want to just drop the ball and quit?
Are you trying so hard to please some people, yet they just never see how much you are putting into life for their sakes? Are you giving so much yet getting so little back? In cash, time and love? Are you currently in a place where everyone around you is calling for your attention but no one seems to be ready to give you attention? Are there times you just wish this world will come to an end, not so much because you wish to see Jesus (which you should) but because everything just isn’t ‘it’?

Does it seem like you are in a form of life trap that you just can’t seem to get out from? Does it seem like everything doesn’t seem to be working with you and for you; failing health, dropping grades, empty pockets, nagging parents, friendless friends, and unrelenting haters. Even your appetite seem to be complaining these days, the food you used to love has stopped being appealing to you too! Everything is going topsy-turvy.
Are you currently being reminded of a singular mistake that you have just made? Not like everyone seems to be talking about it, but it seemed to be on a timer that triggers it into your memory stream every half an hour that it’s beginning to seem like you have never really done anything worthwhile in your life? Or it’s even possible that as much as you try to do things right, you still end up making mistakes and it was at the point of the mistake that the person you are answerable to came to check on you, from the look on the person face you saw disappointment, there was no way to explain that you have being doing it right until now? Maybe now you suddenly realize that you don’t really know yourself. When you are asked for your best food, best color or best car, your answer is always the same ‘I don’t have a best anything’ whereas the friends around you always seem to have their ‘best’ of everything. In fact they know the kind of biro that makes their handwriting come out well, but you don’t.

I’ve got good news for you today…GOD IS INTERESTED IN YOU!

Maybe people have told you at different times that ‘God loves you’ but it just doesn’t click. Personalize that and say “GOD IS INTERESTED IN ME!” How do I know?
1. God knows your full name! “I …do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the GOD of Israel, the one who calls you BY NAME” Isaiah 45:3
2. He is concerned about your hair style. “And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10:30
3. He always hangs out with you. “…though He is not far from any one of us.” Acts 17:27
4. He made the skies blue just because He knew you would like it. “Look I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.” Genesis 1:29
5. He has a ‘tattoo’ of your name on his hands. “Look, I’ve written your names on the back of my hands” Isaiah 49:16.
God  loves4

See, God hurts when you do, he knows about the confusion that is raging within you, yet He loves you still. He is involved with you. He is forever looking out for your good. Find comfort in that thought.
Next time those dark thoughts come knocking at the door of your heart, open the door and chase it with the fact that God is interested in you!

You can reach me personally @asphumanbeing.

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