Let Go and Let GOD!

Have you ever arranged a jigsaw puzzle? You will discover that when you started putting the pieces together you were determined to have an end result even though you might be scared at first of starting because you don’t know where to start from. At first when you start arranging it, it might not make sense but as you are getting towards the middle the puzzle starts to resemble something you know but might still not make so much sense to you. As you continue to add more pieces to the already arranged ones, it starts to make more sense. Now, just imagine at the end of the puzzle you have one piece in the wrong place or you can’t find one of the pieces, you get a wrong picture of what the puzzle is all about or you get frustrated and most times you end up leaving the puzzle half-completed because you are annoyed. Then if you later come back to it when you are much more relaxed or when someone who is more patient than you are joins you in arranging it, you will then discover that you will be able to find out what you did wrong and only by then will you be able to complete the arrangement.

Just as it is with a jigsaw puzzle so also is our life and relationship with God. Sometimes God does some things in our life and we don’t understand why? And instead of us to be patient, trust Him and let Him do what only Him can do, we get ourselves worked up by worrying and complaining then we become angry and bitter. God wants us to trust Him completely and by so doing we let Him do what only Him can do for us because He is the sovereign God.

God said in His word that we should cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us but often times by worrying, we go back to his feet to pick up what we’ve casted upon Him. If you worry it means you have more than one God. If you believe that the God we serve is a hearing God, after casting your care upon Him you won’t worry about it again because you believe that He has heard you and He will surely answer your prayers.

God wants us to be His “yes man” just as Abraham was. Even thou He didn’t know where God was taking Him, He simply left his father’s land to go to the place He believed God was sending Him to. So also if you don’t understand what He is doing, know that He can’t do any evil against you and that all what He does is for your good as He has said in the book of Romans 8:28 and when you do this you will be able to trust and obey Him completely.

LIFE BECOMES EASY AND BEAUTIFUL IF YOU LET GO AND LET GOD. If you let go of your troubles, fears, problems etc for God to handle for you. He comes into the driver’s seat of the vehicle of your life and He drives you to your destination while all you do is to sleep like a baby in the backseat and enjoy yourself and when you get to your destination you will thank Him for a nice ride. This was what I think happened to Jesus when the storm arose in mark 4: 38 because He has given His Father his life while the disciples held on to theirs. He was sleeping in the boat peacefully like a baby that He didn’t even notice the storm until one of the disciples woke Him up. So also if you give your life to God you won’t be afraid of troubles and even in the midst of the storms of life you will have peace because you will be able to tell the Devil that your life is not your own it is Christ’s because you’ve given it to Him.

God doesn’t want you to look at the storms of your life but at Him the Author and Finisher of your faith. He doesn’t want you to doubt Him or to try and be in control of your life because in the real sense of it you’ve never been in control and you can never be in control of your life. He has made plans for each and every day of your life even before any one of them came to be and instead of struggling in life and going through life on your own you can as well let Him direct your life has He wants because you know He has your beat interest in mind.

at his feet

Even though God might not do things your way, He still does them in a way that when you look back at your life you will see His hands in everything and you will be able to thank Him because He would have turned everything the Devil meant for evil around for your good, you can ask Joseph about it, He did same for him. So whenever you look at your life and it seems like it is in shambles, remember that your life is not your own (as far as you’ve given it to Him), God is in charge, He knows what He is doing and in the end you will have a complete, beautiful and perfect life. You just let go of everything you are holding onto and let God!

Praise Esan

I am Esan Toluwanimi Praise, currently studying science education with biology as major. I love writing, singing, reading, travelling and making friends. I have a passion to help females break new frontiers for Jesus. I trust God to use me put an end to teenage pregnancy.

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