#My_dear_sister I see so much ability in you. I see a great future you could really have, but I also see that you are living life ashamed. Its understandable but I need you to switch. I see the fear in your eyes whenever a guy you don’t know too well comes around you, I see […]

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Every normal human being was born with a desire to be great. No man wants to be a mediocre even if some persons will definitely end up as one because like Jesus said, “you will always as have the poor among you”. Now, this is not wishing some persons bad luck. No. But somehow, there’ll […]

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Ball Camp 2015(I)

“My phone is my best friend” she says Wah! Was I shocked? Errm…I think so. A part of me wasn’t though. Considering the rate at which I have seen people almost falling into ditches and gutters while chatting with their phones, people of our present age know how to make friends and chat forever online […]

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