Ball Camp 2015(I)

“My phone is my best friend” she says

Wah! Was I shocked? Errm…I think so. A part of me wasn’t though. Considering the rate at which I have seen people almost falling into ditches and gutters while chatting with their phones, people of our present age know how to make friends and chat forever online but can hardly carry out a proper physical conversation. That’s an issue I might touch some time late,not now.

I am currently at the BALL Camp(Bible And Leadership League), and I must say that I am having serious fun. Serious, implying that the sessions are as exciting as they are interesting. Its especially special to me as BALL affords me with the duo opportunities of learning and also being a blessing at the same time. By the way the theme for the camp is “The Rock”.

Sugar-crush, curry, damsel,pastor and scarface are some of the names of the people present here. Well, its not really their names,that’s their nicknames.

Let me share some of the deep things that have been thrown at me at this camp.
1. A real man understands purpose. They pursue their purpose with courage.

2.Never measure yourself by others.

3. Learn to celebrate your past successes, it helps improve the way you see yourself.

4. When you add value to others, you feel good.

5. People will always throw different things at you, learn to take the positive and trash the negative.

6. Asking questions is an act of wisdom.

7. Work at being the right guy, the right woman will come along.

8. Confident speakers are not scared of making mistakes or being wrong.

9. Discipline isn’t fun. Its tough,but it always pays.

10. Only a queen who does not know herself will sleep with a servant. Don’t compromise!

I wish there as an e-feeling transmitter that I can use to transmit the excitement of being at this camp, but then I can’t. I hope that gives an hint into the great time we are having.

We’ve had drums battle, team games, indoor games, and there has been plenty of dance!

You can follow the gist on twitter with the #ball2015 or follow us @mineministry.

Till I update you again, stay connected to the Rock! He never fails.

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