Every normal human being was born with a desire to be great. No man wants to be a mediocre even if some persons will definitely end up as one because like Jesus said, “you will always as have the poor among you”. Now, this is not wishing some persons bad luck. No. But somehow, there’ll be people who will refuse to get themselves empowered. But how and why? One would ask. Please read on!

The desire to stay in command, like love, is very strong and is capable of making men as well as marring them. It has driven so many into involving themselves in things that have either gotten them in trouble or even taken their lives. This feeling is not bad in itself. As a matter of fact, it was put there by God. But then, as good as this feeling is, it can and has actually killed many. That is why this desire should be checkmated.

Several methods have been discovered as ways of trying to satisfy this desire. Some persons, in order to satisfy this burning desire in them, have acquired skills that can provide them with money, some others have gone into business, and others are pursuing a career in the university. This essay is concerned with reading as a way of satisfying this desire in man. This is because, reading is a sure way of empowerment and when one is empowered intellectually, success is inevitable.

Several generations have come and gone. People are still being born and people are also dying. These people have gone through several experiences as they journeyed through life. Some of them had the opportunity to get literate and some who understood the value of recording experiences through writing have written down their experiences for us to learn from. King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” This is because even as generations have come and gone, people have had different experiences and so what we are going through is not new.

Ever heard someone say “I don’t read books”? Or “reading is not my hobby”? How poor! If such people understood the important role of reading in their lives they won’t hesitate to develop the habit. It is not negotiable. If you want a better world, like our topic suggests, you must read! When you read voraciously, you get to know the things you did not know formally and that way you provide solutions to problems. Reading exposes you to the world around what you.

A story was told of a black man who sent his son abroad. He hid some money in between the pages of a book and instructed him to make sure he read those books. The story has it that it got to a point where the boy exhausted all his money and didn’t have anything left. He called his father and informed him of his plight but his father asked him to make sure he read all the books that were given to him. One would wonder what reading a book had to do with a boy that needed money to survive. One day, the boy decided to open one of the books, probably because his father had insisted he read and luckily, he found some money in the book. The boy had the money all the while but didn’t know because he refused to read. If he was the reading type, he would not have experienced lack.

The story goes beyond hiding money in a book. It means that what we need to be comfortable in life can be found in the pages of a book and to find it, we must read. We are lacking the needed knowledge to solve our problems because we have refused to read. Most of the challenges we face in our lives, family and society are little things that can be solved if we had the knowledge. A Doctor can solve our health problems because he has the knowledge. If he didn’t he would not have been able to. Knowledge will always be hidden from those who will not read; probably because they do not “have the hobby of reading.”

You may have a burning desire to succeed such that it seems like you are consumed by such feeling. Maybe you have a deep passion for marketing or tailoring or even writing. You do not just jump into it like that. Just as John Maxwell noted, “Talent is never enough”. You need more than the desire to succeed in that field. You need knowledge. There are people who have ventured into that particular field you are crazy about and have made good progress. Some of them failed but kept trying until they succeeded.  All they did to succeed and the principles they applied that gave them success, they wrote down for you to follow and be successful. To find these, you need to get those books and read them.

There are those who are business conscious and desire to be tycoons. There are books also on whatever business you desire to venture into. It wouldn’t be nice at all to invest in a business you know very little about. Even if you think you know, you need to get updated on daily basis because new methods and approaches are discovered on daily basis. If you fail to get updated and acquire strategies of growing your business, you soon get out dated. It is the same with marriage.

I really wish knowledge can be imparted to people so that a pastor can just lay hands on you and you’ll get all the knowledge you need but unfortunately, it is not imparted. You acquire knowledge. Check out most successful people today, they are readers and guess what, they are leading! Nothing empowers like knowledge. Get informed and don’t perish for lack of knowledge!


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