I see so much ability in you. I see a great future you could really have, but I also see that you are living life ashamed. Its understandable but I need you to switch.

I see the fear in your eyes whenever a guy you don’t know too well comes around you, I see the way your eyes fill whenever you are amidst your friends and talks of virginity comes up. I see the pain of the past in your eyes.

Rape is indeed a beast. Maybe you were a little careless and naïve then, but it still didn’t give anyone the right to rape you. Unlike a number of your friends that claim to have been raped but really were not because they really didn’t struggle for their dignity like you did. They didn’t kick, no scratching of the silly guy’s face, no screaming, no fight…without all this (and more), it really isn’t rape, its simply ‘forced consent’.

I know you were raped because you fought for yourself. I saw the bruises and it seems they have been made permanent in your heart.

Please know that, because you have been raped doesn’t make you worthless. Don’t choose to live life in fear or carelessness, thinking there’s nothing to lose. You still have life, you can turn this around.

Partner with God and you’ll be surprise that your union can turn the bad around for your good.

I know you’ve been raped, but don’t allow the past steal the joy of your today away. Live life with confidence. Rape doesn’t define who you are.

Live life with your head held high. You are still as beautiful as you were. Still the intelligent one you were. Don’t allow that caring heart become cold.

Free yourself like a bird let out of the cage, allow yourself to dream again. Allow yourself to hope again. Allow yourself to believe again.

I wish I could answer the ‘why did this happen to me?’ question, but I can’t. What I know however is that God is able to make all things work together for your good. It may not seem like it but believe it, it will happen if only you’ll turn your back to the past.

#My_dear_sister, today is the future of yesterday, don’t allow the past steal your future, don’t allow yesterday rape you of tomorrow. Live today like yesterday never happened.

You can smile again. I’ve missed that beautiful laughter of yours. It will be great to see you dance again. Though they may have violated your body, they may have stolen from your body, they NEVER had your heart. They never had you. You can still win this. Choose to live again.

Live again, my dear sister. Live again.
You are still God’s girl.
Be a #G-Class girl.
– Aremotobi

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