20 things i learnt at the BALL (1)

Here’s a peek into what was learnt at the BALL, the greatest young people camp ever!!! It ROCKed!


          It’s a new month, happy new month to you, how was August? For me, it was life changing. I attended the BALL and just in case you do not know, BALL stands for Bible And Leadership League. BALL 2015 was a 10-day camp. A pity I could only spend 8 days but considering how much I learnt, what I’m sharing is just a tip of the iceberg but then a little is better than none right?
   So, 20 things I learnt at the BALL…

1. Our words should be filled with grace. They should bring people up and not pull them down. Its so easy to open our mouths and just talk without considering the power our words carry. Yet, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh so if we want to speak words of grace, our hearts have to first be filled with grace…

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