Dare Me | My Old Flame Returns

My heart did a double flip!

I blinked and stared from the comfort of being hidden behind the rows of shelf with toiletries neatly arranged on them. I was seeing right. It was really him. I felt very excited that I wanted to rush towards him and throw myself at him and experience his arms around me as I lay my head on his broad chest and I’ll let out a high pitched squeal as he would twirl me in the air as we used to do many years ago and…and…my ‘ands’ came to a stop.

My excitement suddenly changed to shame,then fear. Why fear? I couldn’t understand myself and my eyes voiced this as it let out streaks of water quietly without asking for my permission.

I was still watching him. His biceps were more pronounced now. I saw his muscle move as he stretched his hand to pick something from the top of the shelf he was facing. ‘Dare Me’ was written on the back of his shirt. Was that on purpose? ‘Dare Me’ was a game we had carved out for themselves while we were still going out. He would say ‘dare me’ and I would dare him to do something. That was how we shared our first kiss, our first sensual touch, our first trip to the mountain alone…our first… I shook my head, as if they would send the images and memory flying out through the supermarket’s window. I didn’t want to remember any more firsts. Many of the firsts were first that I regret greatly.

“I thought I had gone pass these feelings” I muttered to myself.

It was best I left without him seeing me, I was not sure if I would be able to stop myself from doing anything silly. I picked up the sanitary pad I wanted and dropped it into the supermarket trolley. As I was about to push, I noticed a slender figure walking up to him and holding by the waist as he spoke chattily with her. I recognized the look in his eyes, that was the look he had said was for me alone. Didn’t he say ‘dare me’ was for me alone too…infact he had said all our firsts was for me alone.

I wonder why I was sad as I pushed my trolley towards the counter. I got to the counter, dropped my purchase on the counter, waited as the sales person carefully put it together, I paid with my atm card and picked up my purchase that has been packed into two bags. As I walked towards the door, trying not to think about my first love who had taken my innocent heart, poured love and lust into it and eventually ravishing my life, I failed.

I turned as I heard someone call “Dare me”, I turned on impulse, it was him. The lady with the slender figure had turned to him too. He raced his head, our eyes met. He raised his head. He was surprised to see me, I stood transfixed as he walked towards me, I knew he must not meet me where I was else all my efforts to put my dignity together over the years would come to nought.
“Bola move” I willed myself, but my body won’t. He was almost close to me, I could see the slender lady watching closely.
I didn’t know what to do until he reached me. He stood in front of me, stared a little as if admiring an artifact.
As he said those simple words to me “dare me”
I crumbled.

What do you think happens afterwards? Stay connected to catch it….wait..wait…How about you finish the story, uhn?

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