Dare Me |My Old Flame Returns II|as written by Adebisi Omowunmi.

I didn’t know what to do until he reached me. He stood in front of me, stared a little as if admiring an artefact.
As he said those simple words to me “dare me” I crumbled… (Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobi)

(Continued by Adebisi Omowunmi)

As he said those simple words to me “dare me”
I crumbled.
Just at the last second I regained my composure. All the efforts I had put into moving on rolled in my head. Truth is, I had not completely moved on till this moment. A part of me still terribly missed him, I still unconsciously compare him with other guys that had been interested in me and none had matched up. I had really not moved on. My eyes moved to the slender lady who was watching patiently with that killer look in her eyes. I quickly looked her over and it became obvious to me that he had moved on and this is my own chance to do so.
After what must have seemed like eternity, I said a silent prayer under my breath and replied him, “excuse me?”
He smiled as he repeated, coming a step closer, with a wink that used to cause me to giggle, “I said, dare me”.
I knew he would except me to weaken at that. Anger boiled in me at his guts, just who does he think he is? I decided to shock him.
I returned his smile and took a step closer to him too. This made the distance between us about a step only.
“I dare you to shout at the top of your voice and tell every single person here what a man-about-town you are”. Miss slender started towards us, to claim her man I guess. I pulled his left cheek with my free hand, “Naughty naughty you, I see you have found yourself a new fish”. I looked in her direction and he followed my eyes. I knew he was surprised at my reaction, I was too.

Miss Slender got to us that moment and I flashed her a smile which hardly returned. “Hey, won’t you introduce us?” I asked him as the shock and confusion in his eyes grew. I smiled at his hesitation and stretched my hand towards miss slender, “Hi, I’m Bola, his break away friend”, I said, nodding towards him. She forced a smile and told me her name, it started with a ‘C’, pardon me but I can’t remember. She asked what I meant by ‘break away friend’ and I told her time wouldn’t permit me to explain but the summary is that we were once friends but we no longer are and never again can be, especially not when I had come to realise what a ‘Don Juan’ he is.
She obviously did not understand but I didn’t care. I turned to him with smile on my face still intact, “I would have asked for your number or given you mine but as it is, there’s no room for irrelevant people, not on my phone contact list and definitely not in my life”. I turned and walked away, the smile that had been on my face slowly gave way to tears which i sniffed back.
I had a mixed feeling, I was glad I was able to pull that off despite how I truly feel but I was sad about how much I had given myself to him even after he left. Hopefully, my heart would finally understand that his phase in my life is closed and gone for good.
I brought out my phone and replied a message I had gotten that morning. A guy I met at a friend’s wedding two weeks before had asked me to lunch. He had sent the text to remind me I had not given him a reply as to when I would be free. I did a quick calculation and settled for the next day. My phone beeped, showing my message had been delivered. I smiled, whether my heart likes it or not, I’m moving on.

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