Dare Me|My Old Flame Returns II|as written by Omooba Adetunji

I didn’t know what to do until he reached me. He stood in front of me, stared a little as if admiring an artefact.
As he said those simple words to me “dare me” I crumbled… (Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobi)

(Continued by Omooba Adetunji)

I thought in my head again and again as I felt him staring at me. He knew he had some leverage over me, my heart was racing and it was happening. My palms    were wet. It always happens when I’m nervous. I rubbed them over my jeans frantically. I looked away from him and to the slender madam following after him. She was pretty. Of course, she was pretty. He likes pretty girls. I could tell she was his puppet, just like I was, she didn’t know it though. She almost look like she was in control, but I knew better. I knew really she was licking his feet and would give it all for him, he knew it too. It’s what gave him confidence. He thought he still had that same power over me, that’s why he was pulling this stunt. I knew it. He knew it. The slender madam didn’t.

I won’t answer. I won’t answer. I can’t answer. I was still thinking – still gathering myself. His voice interrupted “Dare me”
I stopped thinking and blotted out almost uncontrollably. “Why?” He staggered back a little as if to say huh?
Good. I shocked him. Good. Impulse has it’s peaks. I didn’t mean to shock him, I honestly wanted to know why. Why he was bothering me and creating a scene. I feigned a smile. My heart race slowed. The slender madam was watching. He still wasn’t talking. Just looking. I considered walking away but my curiosity got the better of me, and my nerves were stable now. “Why? Why are you asking me to dare you? Aren’t we over those already?” I pointed to the slender madam. “Don’t you think she is enough?” He looked at her then at me again. He’s tongue was a knot, he was completely blank, by this time my confidence was sky rocketing. “I am over you. I dare you to get over me too and move on.” I faced the slender madam. Who was confused now but was trying hard not to show it. “I’m really sorry you had to witness all that, but between you and me, c’mon we both know you can do better.”

My brain told my legs to move, and they did, speedily even. Maybe before then, I was still into him, maybe I missed him, maybe I still thought of him in lovely ways, but after that instant. I knew I was truly over him, and I was glad I let him know.
I had decided after him I wouldn’t settle for less ever again. Once he was a flame but not anymore. That flame died. I smiled to myself gleefully at the thought and was tempted to break out a loud joyful scream but I held it in. I wouldn’t want the people around thinking I had gone completely mad!

I’m loving this more and more. Three separate POVs, all three exciting. You can join the dare too!
Send your POV(point of view) to aremotobi@gmail.com.

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3 thoughts on “Dare Me|My Old Flame Returns II|as written by Omooba Adetunji

  1. Really nice. I can totally relate. But most of us are too scared and still came let go. Good thing she did…am in a good way. Must have shocked him to his bones.

    Btw you should check out my post on

    Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    I just nominated. Luvly day..

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