Dare me|My Old flame returns II|as written by Duruem Glory Psalm Ada.

I didn’t know what to do until he reached me. He stood in front of me, stared a little as if admiring an artefact.
As he said those simple words to me “dare me” I crumbled… (Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobi)

(Continued by Duruem Glory Psalm Ada)

The words seemed to be painted right in front of me
“Dare me” it rang in my head.
I needed to speak,run,walk away,I needed to…

With my heavy heart that threatened to let out a stream through my eyes,I watched as he took strides towards me.
I could have hit myself for not doing a thing but my heart wouldn’t will me to.
I couldn’t afford to cry for I would be presented as a weakling.

The slender lady who watched from a distance seemed to be closer
‘Ada,move’ I said to myself but couldn’t .

He was a step away now,he placed his hands on my shoulders..
‘Don’t ‘ I whispered and a tear dropped from my eyes.
My old flame had returned and what was I meant to do?
I searched my head for an answer and I got one,my head seemed to say ‘talk back’
And again I heard him say “dare me”
***   ***   ***    ***   ***    ***   ***  ***
‘Dare you’ I heard myself say,was this really me?
‘Oh really,aren’t you done with me yet? Well,you want me to dare you right?’
I thought I was gonna crumble while I said this.

‘Ok,I dare you to stay clear my path for the rest of your days,now take your silly hands off my shoulders”
He seemed not believe I said this things,his eyes were full of shock.
In my head I could hear something whisper to me’you are finally free’
And as I walked out,I kept my head up,I was FREE from the old FLAME.

Like I said before I’m loving this more and more. Different POVs, all with its own twist and turns. You can join the dare too!
Send your POV(point of view) to aremotobi@gmail.com.

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Keep taking the dare!

Watch out for Oyindamola Fatusin’s POV!

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