Dare Me|my Old Flame Returns II|as written by Oyindamola Fatusin

I didn’t know what to do until he reached me. He stood in front of me, stared a little as if admiring an artefact.
As he said those simple words to me “dare me” I crumbled… (Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobi)

(Continued by Oyindamola Fatusin)

‘Dare me’ those simple subtle words rang through my heart again as I remembered the last time we suddenly met at the beach. It was a year after our break up. A time I could call my ‘healing season’, loving my new life in Christ and breaking off gradually from the ties of the past. I occasionally went to places where I could spend time with God alone. After 2hrs of worship and prayer at a private corner at the beach, I was ready to go home but i stopped by the barbeque spot to get a few bites. While going through the menu, I felt someone stand really close behind me, just as I turned to see who it was, I heard those words ‘dare me’, I totally lost control…….
That moment felt like paradise, i didnt want it to end, and suddenly he withdrew his lips and gave that wicked smile….’you’re still my little puppet’, he said. I stood there shocked and ashamed, I wanted the world to end that moment.
My sweet time out with Jesus was ruined that day…..I had to go through the pain and guilt over again.
And now…..
As he came closer with that wicked smile, I felt hot shivers in my spine, I knew I wasn’t a puppet anymore but his presence always overwhelmed me. Help me Holy Spirit, I cried silently.
And he took another step closer, ‘I dare you to take one more step further and you’ll regret you did’…..I yelled.
The slender Missy’s eyes popped out like they would fall….He looked shocked and embarassed as he muttered to his new puppet…’m- – -mee -meet me in the car’. She ran sheepishly after him.
I felt like a chain fell off my heart, I couldn’t hold back the tears as walked out of the mall. My past finally lost its grip on me. William McDowell’s ‘I WON’T GO BACK’ kept playing loud in my heart.
YES!!! I’m never going back

Another new and interesting turn. I’m sure you enjoyed.

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Its worth your reading time. I’m certain they will dare you to pick up your pen!

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