The Perfect Make-up series

Hello ladies, I want to quickly let you in on this secret. Its a free multi-purpose make-up kit that many do not know about. Yeah, you read right, its free!

Brands like Mary Kay, L’Oreal Paris, are very common brands of make-up and cosmetics. They are very popular amongst the female folks, some of which buy for themselves, other make their spouses or parents buy for them.

Every girl(on the average) wants to step out of her house and be sure that she doesn’t just look good to her mirror alone, those she’s going to meet too should be able to see the effort she has put into looking good, and that’s a good things. Some however do this beyond boundary and end up looking like masquerades or worse, a baby’s paint doodle (I don’t plan to go into this at all today). So for those that use make-up, moderation is key.

So I have decided to show you this make-up kit that only a few have found out about. Though its quite priceless, but its currently being offered for free! Don’t you love free things?! #winks

1. The SALT lip gloss: This lip gloss has the ability to help you say the right words ALL the time. With daily application, you’ll be surprised at how people want to be around you just to hear what you have to say.

“Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person” Colossians 4:6

Many girls do need this, I really recommend it. Just confess it daily.
I speak only words of grace
My words are seasoned with salt.
I know how to respond to matters.
I speak with wisdom.
I keep quiet when I should.

So, try out this lip gloss and let me know how it looks on you.

Watch out for the next make-up kit series as I unveil a special kind of eye-liner to you.

I love you!

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