The Perfect Make-up Series (II)

We started with the “SALT lip gloss”, its time to go on to another other item in a ladies make-up kit.

2. The Eyeliner!

The primary purpose of the eyeliner is to enhance the size and shape of your eyes. It can either be pencil, liquid, felt pen or cake, the pencil eyeliner is the most popular of these types.

I introduce to you the ‘HEARTliner’! You know, the state of your eyes reflects in the way you see people. Anyone with a eye defect can see people walking upside down, for some its short sightedness or long sightedness, in the same vein, the way you see people is a reflection of the way you see yourself. If you are someone that is full of bitterness and unforgiveness, you’ll naturally think that everyone you offend too has such feelings towards you. If you are someone who is always hard on yourself, you’ll find out that you are so hard on other people too.

‘To the pure, all things are pure…”.

So, don’t just change the shape of your eyes, change the shape of your heart. “I will give you a new heart…I will take away your stubborn heart of stone and give you an obedient heart”. A lot of benefit comes with this, but allow me to just advertise two.

1. You find that you are now able to see people from the sight of love and relate with them accordingly. You are no longer ‘Margaret thatcher’ that everyone is calling you. You are now a person of love because the shape of your heart has been carved to accommodate others.

2. You find that it becomes easy for you to forgive yourself and others too. The stubborn you, the disobedient you, the former you that always wants to pick a quarrel with everyone around, the you that always wants to eye people no longer exist. Bitterness and anger are no longer the norm in your life.

Please confess
I have a sound mind
I have a Godly heart
I see myself the way God sees me
I love everyone as Christ does
I am peaceful
I am loved
Anger no longer has any place in me
Bitter roots are uprooted.
I am accommodating.
I have a large heart.
I always put a smile on God’s face
I always put a smile on the face of others.

Please ensure you try out this HEARTliner, you’ll be glad you decided to try it out. Do let me know how it looks on you!
I love you!

Watch out for the next on this series as we look at the concealer and eye shadow.

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