Walk Into 2016!

Its the last day of the year and God has two major ‘words’ for us for 2016 1. God says ‘I LOVE YOU’. Rom8:18, rom 8:28. No matter what happens in 2016, never forget this point; GOD LOVES YOU! 2. Pursue your dreams with passion; Don’t let anything stop you in 2016! Please note these […]

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Hello, Its has indeed being an awesome 2015.we’ve looked into a lot of things this year together. We’ve enjoyedeach others company as much as possible. It was a pleasure finally getting to meet some readers in person! With love from all of us at. Voice Of Worth, we say thank you for being a part […]

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Nobody is a NOBODY!!!

Originally posted on The Palm Of Hadassah:
In the few decades I have spent on earth,I have met so many people- wondering if uncountable wouldn’t be an exaggeration! Though I cannot remember those I met before I went into Secondary school, I discovered that some can remember me. Just recently, a classmate of mine in…

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Wedding Bells!!!!

Originally posted on OLUWATOBI:
Once in a while, I love to indulge myself and think about my wedding. Yeah, my wedding. I picture her walking down the aisle Through my eye I see her looking fly Dressed in a silvery wedding gown style. Walking to the preacher so we can get on listen to all…

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