Wedding Bells!!!!

With a click, you’ll be launched into this captivating world of weddings! Enjoy!!


Once in a while,

I love to indulge myself and think about my wedding.

Yeah, my wedding.

I picture her walking down the aisle

Through my eye

I see her looking fly

Dressed in a silvery wedding gown style.

Walking to the preacher so we can get on listen to all his ‘do Is’

But really I’m not listening

Cos her beauty has got me staring

Like a new transformed her am seeing

I’m glad with her I’ll be living

The rest of my life, with her I’ll be spending.

Then the part I love to hear

The preacher said “You may kiss the bride”

My heart leaped like the wave’s tide

Breathe pumping like a bike ride

My hand steadied her side

It reminded me of my side.

The side a spear once sliced.

For her.

I looked into her eyes and noticed there was nothing to hide.


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