Nobody is a NOBODY!!!

Everybody is a somebody…it doesn’t matter if you know it or not.

The Palm Of Hadassah

In the few decades I have spent on earth,I have met so many people- wondering if uncountable wouldn’t be an exaggeration! Though I cannot remember those I met before I went into Secondary school, I discovered that some can remember me. Just recently, a classmate of mine in nursery school, who is now married to a colleague, still remembered

11218162_10155808264520245_3164905667150286877_n My husband and I (2008)…we were not married then!

There seems to be so much that time and chance straighten out. Quite a number of my Secondary school mates that did not ‘look the part’ (I mean looking at them then, it did not look like they would go too far academically, socially, financially and even naturally). But I’m short of words when I see the transformation in those people today. They have indeed metamorphosed into great and beautiful people.

11214706_1097661370249340_9187036858951945069_n My husband and I (2011)…the year we got married!


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