Walk Into 2016!

Its the last day of the year and God has two major
‘words’ for us for 2016
1. God says ‘I LOVE YOU’. Rom8:18, rom 8:28. No
matter what happens in 2016, never forget this point;
2. Pursue your dreams with passion; Don’t let
anything stop you in 2016!
Please note these 5 things:
I. Reduce your sleep and reduce eating too much.
Sleep is good and food is good but except we want to deceive ourselves, we know when we are overdoing it, its time to stop! Its time to cut out all unnecessaries, you know them.
II. Prov 31 v17- WORK OUT. Some of you might not like the sound of this but its time to EXERCISE! You could choose any you prefer but do something. Could be skipping, planking, whatever, just make sure you are exercising REGULARLY. It keeps you bouncing and improves your overall health. Don’t forget you need to be in a good state of body and mind to fulfil purpose.
III. Read books, not novels o(lol). Read books that
would contribute to your purpose, your future, who
you want to be. Also, set a measurable standard for
yourself. For example, a book per month .
IV. Build your mental capacity. Don’t just sit and wait for opportunities. Stand up and improve yourself. Read, research and prepare for your future.
Note this formula:
Success = opportunity + preparation.
V. This is the most important point. Spend much
more time with God. Talk more with Him. Decide to consciously improve your relationship with God. Its this time you would receive instructions about your life, your dreams, your future, your academics and so on.

That’s it people. This year’s been a wonderful one but next year is sure to be better!
Happy new year in advance!
See you in 2016!

I love you!

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