Episode 2

Things had seemed to be going on smoothly before now, but she seemed to be quiet jumpy today. Still walking in the shadows, he noticed she had stopped, he stopped too. If not for his quick reflexes, she might have seen him when she looked back while he was trying to climb down the tree.

What was she doing? She was looking at her phone. It was unusual for her to go out jogging with her phone. He had never seen a phone with her throughout the 14days he had being stalking her. The only piece of tech she carried was the portable iPod she hung on the pouch firmly placed on her arm. He watched as she stared at the phone as if it was a piece of artifact from the future.

Why wasn’t she receiving it? He knew she wasn’t as the ear-piece was still connected to her iPod.
Should he act now? There was no one around. It should be easy.

He made his way forward towards her.
She was still looking at her phone trying to decide whether to pick up or not. “Why was Daddy calling?

Has he found out that I changed my course? Did Sade tell him? What am I going to tell him?” The call ended.
“Phew! What a relief. I hope he doesn’t call back”, she thought to herself. She looked up for a brief moment and she saw a guy coming her way. She was suprised.

“No one ever comes along this way at this time of the day. What is this one looking for?” She muttered to herself.

As he got closer, she quickly looked away and pretended she was working with her phone. After a few seconds, she realized he had stopped.
She looked up and met his gaze. There was some five feets between them. His eyes were not friendly, they seemed somewhat dark and he had this half smile on his face, the type that said “I am up to something you do not know about”.

The distance between them was too short. She started to move back to increase the distance but for every one step she took, he took two forward. Her instincts told her to run and she did. She ran as fast as she could but in one moment, he had her full black hair in his hands. That hair was a pride to her, it was full and long, reaching almost to her waist, but this guy didn’t seem to care, all that didn’t even matter to her now.

“Please don’t kill me” she sobbed, “please don’t kill me…I’m too young to die”
She screamed as he pulled harder

…To be continued.

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