She moved as quickly as her leg could carry. She noticed her heart rate had increased and she knew it was not because of the distance she had covered jogging. She had covered more grounds on previous jogging times. Something wasn’t just quite right with the wind this morning.

She passed a tree that seemed to be waving to the skies as the wind swayed it from right to left.
‘Everything is alright’ she encouraged herself as she jogged on. She looked back on impulse, nothing. She kept moving, and her heart kept racing.


He watched from the top of the tree as she passed, she was 3secs early. As she passed, he quietly climbed down the tree. She musn’t see him, not yet.

At a point while she was still jogging, her insides began to tighten and her mouth felt dry. “Okay, time to stop” she said to herself. She turned back, in the direction of home. She decided to walk in order to calm her nerves and give herself time think. She had only gone a few steps when her phone suddenly rang. “Micah!” She screamed. She had not gotten over the shock from the vibration of her phone when she saw the caller I.D.

…To be continued.

Two-sided is a story co-written by one of my girls, Boluwatife and I during one of our online writing sessions. She did most of the job though, lol. It took a long time to finish though, but here it is. Stay connected to enjoy every bit of it!

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