Episode 3

He quickly used his free hand to stifle her scream as he tightened his grip on her hair. Not likely anyone would hear them anyway, it was a park and people won’t normally come this way until the next 50-60mins. Pulling her to him by her hair, he carried her from behind, wrapping his right arm around her mid-section and carrying her away from the side walk they were on. She was kicking hard.

‘The girl was strong’ he mused. She was not the only fit one, he was also fit. He had prepared for today well just as he had prepared for the other two Enitans.

Though, from the conversation he had had with her at the gym many days ago, she seemed like the other Enitans, she was more strong willed than the rest. They were all very arrogant, just like his Enitan, the one He had fallen inlove with.

His first episode with an Enitan had been his mother’s cousin who had come to spend six months with them when she came for an extended vacation from Brazil. She had molested him every day for five months, he was 14years old then. Two years later, he had fallen in love with a classmate of his who coincidentally was also Enitan. She had ditched him for the headboy. It had hurt him very deep as he had already opened his heart to her and told her about his episode with the aunt. She still left him, because….’Because you are not like the head boy’, she had said in the note she sent him. He had always been the used one in his life. There and then he had decided he was not going to be anyone’s toy anymore, he was going to be the one doing the playing.

After secondary school, he had gone to do body building and now he was big. No one can intimidate him. A year after, he met an Enitan at a cafe and she was so rude to him. She didn’t even fear his stature! He had stalked her and was excited when he discovered her name was Enitan. He dealt with her bad. The same had happened with another Enitan he met at the school library. Hers was easy, too easy. She was a call girl. He didn’t have to plan much. But for this particular Enitan, he had taken careful steps, and now nothing can change his mind.

He slammed her on the cluster of leaves that had fallen from the trees around, she let out a yelp. He smiled. He turned her to face him and slapped her, this weakened her a little.

He rubbed his palm against each other and looked to heaven, it was time to play.


Enitan could not imagine this was happening to her. This was one of those stories people say on those talk shows. This happened to other people, not her.

She tried to stand but a slap on the face sent her back down. Tears stung her eyes as he came down to her face level. She stammered out a “ple-eease, I beg of you. Don’t do this me”. She realized that that did not work.
“Please, think of your mother, please, your sister, your aunty, your…” and he kicked her hard. He was enraged now. He climbed on top of her and ripped her top. She struggled to cover herself wondering how he did it, but he used one of his hands to pin both her hands to the ground. At that moment, she wished for death.

….To be continued.

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