Two-Sided (IV)

Episode 4.

He stared hungrily at her body. He laughed out loud. Unlike others that have different colour patches on their skin, this one’s skin was actually flawless. He ran his free hand through the side of her neck to her belly button. He laughed again as he watched her struggle. She was pinned in between his legs, her hands were pinned, there was no where she was going.

He took a quick look at her face, her eyes were shut tight. Tears were streaming down her face. She had just infuriated him more by asking him to think of his aunty. If only she knew that was why he was doing this. She was in trouble and she knew it. He imagined her thinking that this shoudn’t be happening to her but someone else. Her mind would also have wished for death. He knew. He had been there.

With the flash of an expertise, he held the band of her windpant and pulled it down.

‘Its time for action baby!’
He loved to taunt them.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. She was about to scream but no one would hear. If help was to come, it would have arrived already. This day was cursed. When his free hand got to theband of her windpant, she knew there was turning back. She just wanted to die. She was no longer going to be a virgin. She was no longer going to be her daddy’s jewel. She was going to be defiled and used. She heard him open his fly, it sounded like a car driving with high speed and this one was going to crush her completely. She was going to be damaged good. She felt his skin on her and she just shut down completely, not before she threw up!.

The girl was disgusting!
He stepped back too late. The hideous content from her bowels hit him straight in the face.
He removed the hood and used the side of the shirt to wipe the dirty thing off his face
He looked at her, she was off the floor now, he stepped towards her and as he looked at her face, he suddenly realized that he had made another mistake.

“Bisoye!” He muttered to himself.

The hood was off, his face was visible. She bolted. She was very fast. Light was beginning to shine brighter, before long people were going to start passing through this route.
She had seen his face.
He ran after her knowing if he didn’t catch up with her, his real life was gone.

…To be continued.

Thanks for reading so far…

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