Nudity, the new craze?

You really should read this…all the way to the end.

Doctor Love

I couldn’t help but post this. You have to read it and please make sure you read it until the end. You might just see nudity, sex and other “pretty lady” issues in a different light. I sure did! Apart from reblogs, this is my first time posting someone else’s write-up on my blog. That should tell you how much I love it. This was written by a dear friend of mine. Comments would be appreciated. Thanks. Here goes!

by Sodeinde Simeon Opeoluwa (Facebook)

How interesting it is that when one gives birth to a girl now, the parents begin to worry about how burdensome and meticulous raising her must be. Whereas long ago, parents were happy to have girls bcos d girls bore things that would later in future prove that they were brought up well by their parents, e.g virginity…

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