A lady’s rant…

Going into this scary world as a girl, well soon to be a woman; I am scared. There are lots and lots of dangerous things in this world or so I’ve heard and no matter what I do they will find me; if I choose to be a bland girl to avoid being noticed I’ll […]

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The 35word Fiction: Closer

Closer. I leaned towards her and watch her blush. In a second, her eyes were shut. I giggled and moved a little bit closer. There was a dirt on her forehead that I needed to clear. #35_words By Oluwatosin Kolawole Want to take the challenge to? Can you write a fiction of just 35words? Please […]

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FinaIly, he final episode. I’m sorry it cam. I decided to compress 2episodes in one. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy My goodness! The tears were rushing again. She kept running as fast as she could. Then the first person passed with this amused and somewhat confused look. It then hit her that she was done […]

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