FinaIly, he final episode. I’m sorry it cam. I decided to compress 2episodes in one. Thanks for your patience.


My goodness! The tears were rushing again. She kept running as fast as she could. Then the first person passed with this amused and somewhat confused look. It then hit her that she was done running already. People were already passing the route. Apart from her torn tank top and her bruised face, her running was going to cause unnecessary attention to herself. She stopped running and started walking at a very fast pace. She made sure she was walking in the middle of the road and was surrounded by few eyes. She remembered what would have happened to her few minutes ago and her eyes welled with tears. ‘Bisoye, how could it be…’ Her thought ended mid sentence when she felt a arm wrapped around her shoulder.

He needed to catch her. It was necessary. He saw that she slowed her pace and he scoffed. Was she that stupid? What do I do?, he thought. An idea struck him and he walked as fast as he could. Was she crying? Oh well, that’s better for him.
He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and he felt he freeze. He looked her in the eyes, his gaze daring her to say a word. Okay, she has beautiful eyes he had to admit. There was something in her eyes, something her eyes was saying that shook him. He looked away quickly. He was at loss for what to do at the moment. He pitied her. Should he find another victim? That was the question he was about to answer when he heard some call Enitan.


She looked only to find monster Bisoye beside her. She just looked at him. What was he going to do to her? What could she do this time? She just stared at him. “Enitan!” She finally looked away from Bisoye and looked behind her. It was that “brother” from that fellowship that kept inviting her. He came closer and she couldn’t help but move backwards. She was scared of guys now at this point but if he could save her from the monster beside her, she would go with him. She looked at Bisoye again and he had this pleading look in his eyes. She wasn’t going to tell anyone about what had happened. It was a secret she had decided to die with. She saw his mouth moving but she could not really hear him.
So, she was not going to be a victim of rape afterall.
She was still Daddy’s innocent girl.
If she ever joined that brother’s fellowship, she could do the SUM walk.
She was grateful to God. She was very grateful and that was it.

He looked back when he heard someone call Enitan. He saw a funny looking brother come forward. Where did Enitan meet a dude like that? From what he knew about her, she only moved with the fine tush guys. The guy had this expression on his face which he did not like. It was almost pity he saw and he hated it. He was no longer the boy to be pitied, he was the one to do the pitying. Wasn’t that the whole reason for this.
The guy walked to Enitan’s side like he was never going to leave. The decision was made. This Enitan was not for him. He looked at her and could only hope he would not be reported. He told her he was sorry, mumbled some other words and walked away. Somewhere inside of him, he was glad. He was glad he didn’t win this time. It was a funny feeling. Was he going to stop with her?
As he was about to decide, he heard someone call “Bisoye”. It was one of his goons.

That made the decision for him.

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