A lady’s rant…

Going into this scary world as a girl, well soon to be a woman; I am scared. There are lots and lots of dangerous things in this world or so I’ve heard and no matter what I do they will find me; if I choose to be a bland girl to avoid being noticed I’ll be ridiculed by friends and family, if I choose to be a sassy girl who loves the worldly ways I’ll still be ridiculed.

Plus what people think about me is another ish, I could have a cultist as my boyfriend without knowing even if I know I’ll stay with him anyway, maybe I’ll get married to a wrong guy, get raped, get shot by gang men, die in an accident or better still die of cancer. I’m beginning to sound like Dr Doom’s mistress.

I can choose not to worry about all the bad things that could happen to me, I could look on the bright side; get married at 25(to the most handsome man in the world of course), have 5 beautiful kids probably 3 boys 2 girls, die at 90 bla bla bla.. A well planned life. Let’s face reality life is never fair.

But then I can choose not to worry about all these things because there is always to go through life without worrying about anything. Some of us choose to ignore this way because we feel it’s too hard, and many other silly reasons. But following this way will give me peace, joy, safety, like I won’t worry about the dangers of this world or about what people think about me because I will be super satisfied.

This way is JESUS. Some of us know it but we ignore it. But it’s the best way. My future is secured, no boy problems, no money problems, and no sicknesses. I will follow this way and have a great life.

I hope you also choose to follow it too.


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