Letter from a Mother to her Daughter.

Hello Dear,

I am writing this letter with mixed feelings. For one I would have been excited if there really was no need for this letter. If you were right here by me, where I can feel your flesh against mine, I would have probably not be writing this, but then I know all things are working together for us.

It’s been two months that you’ve resumed school and you have chosen not to come home, maybe I know why, and maybe I do not, but my dear daughter what I would want you to take from this letter is that no matter whatever method I might have been using in raising you, please understand that I am doing out of a heart of love, a heart that seeks to see you become a child I can bring me pride in the future.

I know I have been a little rough with you. Okay. Maybe more than a little, you say that you are now a teenager and can take care of yourself, but the truth is I can help but see the tiny baby that I carried for 9months and 6days and after much sweaty and painful pushing at the hospital you finally came out.

So you may be all grown and all now, but you are still my sweet little girl.

I would want to apologize for all the times I shunned your request to speak with me or the time when I refused to laugh at your jokes or encourage you. The thing is there’s so much pressure to provide that a times I forget you are the reason why I am really doing all this. Forgive me, pay me a visit and let’s work it out together.

You’ll also need to forgive the way I have been a ‘monitoring spirit’ in your life. (It’s safe to write ‘lol’ here right? I remember you accusing me of trying to form ‘cool’. It’s all for you dear). Back to monitoring spirit matter, you wonder how I know the world, I once overheard you lamenting to your friend about how I want to know the gender of everyone that calls you, or the address and phone number of everyone that you are going to an event with. A little confession here, growing up, I really played my parents, same as your father, it was during one of our naughty times that we met, and let’s just say I don’t want you doing the things that I did. I don’t want you making mistakes like I did.

So it appears I am always breathing fire down your neck, it’s not like I don’t trust you…it’s just..well..a motherly thing, I guess. Please just forgive me. It will be hard to tone that one down but I’ll try.

If you’ve ever doubted my love for you, please be sure that I do love you and all that I do is geared giving you the best life that I could give to you.

I’ll be expecting your reply, better yet, how about you reply with a knock at the house gate.

I love you,

Your mom.


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