RAPE Talk: #self-defence

Tonight, on our whatsapp group, we had a lecture on RAPE and we’ll be sharing with you in this post. Feel free to leave COMMENTS/QUESTIONS
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Rape or any form of sexual assault is a sensitive issue. I have friends who have had to go through this tumultuous experience and I can tell you its not an experience anyone wants to re-enact.

I came across a story online of one ‘silly’ lady who said she enjoyed being rape, and I’m like WHAT?!!!

I personally don’t believe the story but then if for a tiny reason it is true, then it goes to show the level of depravity of the hearts of man.

Scripture says the god of this world has blinded their eyes.
It just shows the level of satan’s slavery hold on some people.

If for anyone, during the course of this teaching, certain memories are triggered, please I’ll ask that you knock on my door, let’s talk.

So, btw today and tomorrow, we’ll be looking at
1. What exactly is rape?
2. How to counsel a rape victim.
3. Rape self defense mechanisms.

*Rape Defined*
Rape is a form of sexual assault involving the process of sex between an (or group of) abuser and a victim.

The abuser is also called the perpetrator or the rapist.
The one being assaulted is called the victim, the abused or raped.

Rape is a form of sexual assault involving the process of sex between an (or group of) abuser and a victim without consent.


*Please note:*
The raped is NEVER at fault. No matter the circumstances involving the rape. ALL the blame rests on the shoulder of the rapist.

Whether she was dressed one kain or not, whether she was drunk or not…whatever the whether…the VICTIM is NEVER at fault.

Rape is currently on the rise…
*Who Can Rape?*
Please note that from statistics, contrary to popular believe, rape is carried out more by people the victim knows.

Only a small fraction happens with strangers, its majorly by people known to the victim- a brother, father, uncle, father’s friend, neighbour, cousin, daddy’s vulcanizer, our plumber…etc.

*Why does anyone rape*.
A rapist rapes because he/she is a rapist.

Please note that it isn’t only girls that get raped, boys too do. But for the sake of this group, we’ll concentrate on the female child.

*Rape in whatever form is traumatizing..*
(Allow me jump)
One way to put a nip to the bud is to speak out about it….we’ll look more at that tomoro, but for now, let’s go to ‘Rape self defence.’

“#A rapist rapes because he/she is a rapist.”

Permit me to explain that before I go on.

There’s no justification for rape whatsoever.
Rape in itself is a VIOLENT act.
And I have come to discover that it is mostly a premeditated act.

I didn’t use to believe that, but I’ve come to see it consistently.

A rapist also needs help, we’ll come to that, but a rapist rapes because he rapes, not because of anything from the person.

Other things might now keep the rape fire on, but its not the reason why the person rapes.

Some people will say because she was wearing kinikan, because she was shey kinikan…
If its about body parts and all, why do we have people raping children. Children with no sign of becoming a woman yet?

Also note that rape is a criminal offence by law. We’ll come to that tomoro, but know that it is not jut a ‘wrong act’, it is criminal offence!


*Rape Self Defence*

There are certain things that a lady can do to make the rape attempt just an attempt. It may not cut across board, but since rape is a violent act, it is appropriate that you get violent here.

Whether mother mary or not, you are allowed to get violent at this point, anything around you becomes a weapon.

Allow me list some weapons you have already.

1. *Your fingernails.*
Almost all ladies keep their nails.
The eyes is a very interesting place to target. You know, for the rape to happen, he has to atleast come close to you, there’s a close contact proximity.
GOUGE out the eyes..if you can.
(Chai, this sounds very bloody…but mehn, rape is bloody)

Understand that the plan is to incapacitate him for a brief moment to allow you escape.

Use your fingers and go for the eyes with that.

2. *Your hand.*
A. You can grab one finger and break it! Grab a finger and pull/bend as much as you can. It weakens.
B. The throat is a very sensitive spot, a punch to the throat is one that will render the perp helpless for a while, atleast his hands will most likely go to the throat giving you opportunity to escape.

3. *Your knee (my best part)*
A knee jab to the groin is one any man would pause to take care of for atleast 2secs. The fact that rape is a close proximity smth gives the advantage.

I was telling a young girl when she asked me.
I told her that if he comes into the room, if you want to go with the faking method, and act like you go with it, the moment he is close enough, KNEE JAB his generations! And run!

You can grab the genitals and give a squeeze of life!

4. *If he is holding from behind, a head boot will work.*
Go for his nose or elbow his ribs.
An elbow of life to his rib…

Its a serious something o…
You are practically fighting for your life…

*Try this to yourself now, lightly.*

Jam that wrist part of your palm (if your palm is face up) into your nose in an upward motion…

Please lightly😄

Try that one now. Tell me how it feels..

*All these are just for precautions…God is our shield…!*

_Your purse, your umbrella…everything na weapon…_

There’s something called the ‘SING’
S-Solar plexus (rib)

Its like a dance combo😅, but this time its a defence combo.

Jam elbow into ribcage, followed by stamping hard on his toe, palm jams into nose and then knee jams into groin.
Then RUN!!!

SING is a combo of 4moves all after the other…

S- Jam elbow into ribcage,
I- followed by stamping hard on his toe,
N- palm jams into nose
G- and then knee jams into groin.
Then RUN!!!

*Please note the following.*
1. Because dressing isn’t a reason for rape doesn’t give you a license to go around showing off body parts to people.
2.Don’t be joking with vulgar words.
3. Avoid having sex talk with people.
4. When you are walking, walking like you know where you are going, don’t be doing like JJC.
5. Trust your gut instincts.

What if they are more than one?

And pray!!!

Whether one or the whole word, same applies.

The point is to find the ‘splittest’ second too get away.
However that can happen, go for it.

God will always keep us in His wings!

God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of sound mind!

He has promised to never leave nor forsake us.

Like the mountains surround Israel so shall the Lord guard us!

His eyes is constantly upon us so much that he never sleeps nor slumber.

They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. You shall fear no evil.

NO evil shall befall us

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and they are safe.

You are safe in God’s arms. Rest in his love!

“But what if the door is locked and no way of escape.

If you hurt the rapist na double wahala be that na”

What’s the best option?
Give yourself willingly?

Make plenty NOISE!!!
God will make a way…

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how to help victims. I’ll give you some numbers you can reach as well.

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