A God-Class Bae.

A God class bae is a reflection of God’s glory.
Her worth is not based on possession, achievement, physical attractiveness, material things, or friends thought, her worth is based on being God’s image.
No one can determine a God class bae’s worth, not even her sibling or friends.
Her reasoning, creativity, speech and determination are all of God.
Her entire self reflects the image of God.
She’s a valuable asset and not a liability in the kingdom of God and among her friends.
She’s a distinct lady that reflects God’s character in love, patience, forgiveness, kindness and faithfulness.
She doesn’t depend on anyone aside God.

She doesn’t live to please the crowd, she lives to please God.
A God-class bae loves God, knows Him personally, and makes a valuable contribution to those around her.
A God-class bae is skillful and hardworking.
A God-class bae is an advocator of sexual purity and also symbolizes LOVE.

About the author.
Eluwande Elumide Phoebe is a young girl passionate about inspiring. She’s a lover of God. She blogs at http://www.Phezgold.wordpress.com

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