The Perfect Lady By Elumide.

The perfect lady.

I and my cousin was having a chat on the 6th of September 2016 and he asked what characteristics must a guy have before gaining my love. Then I gave him the features I would like to see in my future partner.
He told me of a girl who listed the type of features she wants to see in a guy. He said the list is a long one. And I laughed.
At that moment something strucked me. Ladies today are already planning who they want as their future partner, God fearing guy, handsome, tall, lanky, brainy and so on.
Have you ever tried thinking of what characteristics you need to possess before having such guy.
Are you perfect for your Mr perfect?
Are you the type of lady that can’t pray for yourself not to talk of your husband?
Are you that lady that can talk about herself to friends and relative?
Are you the lazy type that prefers chatting than working?
Are you an asset or a liability?
Are you such a lady that nags a lot?
Are you going to a bad influence or good influence on him?
Think about this.
What are your answers to the question?
You can’t get a perfect guy if you arent perfect for him.
As a lady, you don’t have to be a liability, you have to be a lady of virtue, great skills and intelligence.
Your husband does not need his secretary to tell him the right outfit for a meeting nor decisions to be taken nor ideas to improve his business.
Improve on yourself. Cultivate the habit of praying.
Be hardworking!
Be beautiful inward and outside.
The world is getting to a stage where intelligent ladies, skillful lady and God crazy lady will be adored than ladies that have nothing to offer than to demand for money for material things.
Don’t be a baby factory that produces babies, that has nothing to offer to her husband and the house.
Don’t be a house material that can’t go out with her spouse to visit dignitaries.
Be the sensitive type!
Walk on yourself, your attitude, manner of approach, speaking, dressing.
Be useful and creative!
Don’t be baby factory or a house material.

My dear, be a wife.

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