Pt 1. Tears That Pays- Purity is Worth the Price | by Mrs Esther Omoniyi

When I was newly married, still trying to adjust to married life; at any little offence from my husband I would start to cry. #TheCryingBride

He would be so surprised looking at a whole mummy crying over little issue.

Being a good man, he would pacify me and apologise even when he’s not at fault; he can’t just stand my tears.

Some of us are like that, we are so emotional and can cry for Africa. But Seriously, sometimes in life, things happen and we shed tears.

In all of my journey, I have had experiences that made me cry and also witnessed God stepping into my cases, turning things around. I would laugh at myself like “God why was I crying gangan”

Looking back now, I feel so grateful to God for those tears, they are tears that pays.

Tears is not necessarily about “crying”


My focus is about the “pain” that ignite it.

And this bring us to what I call

1. Pain of Discipline
2. Pain of Regret

Day after day, we are faced with making decisions for our lives, ranging from those minute matters to crucial ones that are important to our destiny.

Some decisions are not so cheap, not so easy but you are mandated to take these decisions. If you make the right decisions, though not so palatable, it can cause you a tear and that is the “Pain of Discipline”

I remember when I was in the University, sponsored by my widow-mother, I had very few clothes to wear to class. God helping me, my excitement to be in the University overrode my needs. I decided to make do with what I had. My desire for good clothing mounted tremendous pressure on me but I endured without straying away to meet my needs.

This is an example of “Pain of discipline “

Godliness with contentment is a great gain.

“The pain of discipline is the tears that pays “
When you make wrong choices, you will be faced with the latter consequences, that is the “Pain of Regret”
The story ends with “Had I known”

I counseled a lady sometime ago, she did an abortion but later found out after running a scan that it was an incomplete abortion.

She was counseled to undergo surgery to evacuate the remains.

That is the pain of regret!

The tears that doesn’t pay

Purity is worth the price


What is purity?

Purity is the condition or quality of being pure, clean, unstained, undiluted, etc

Kinds of Purity

1.Purity of Speech
2.Purity of Heart
3.Purity of Eyes
4. Purity of the body (sexual purity)

Sexual Purity is the condition of being “sexually pure”

Using “sex” in the right way as ordained by God the creator of all.

God created sex to be enjoyed between a HUSBAND and his WIFE.

Every other form of “sexual activities” outside of this is “immorality” e. g. Masturbation, Pornography, Adultery, Bestiality, Prostitution, Fornication (pre-marital sex), Abortion, Child Sexual Abuse, Rape, Phone sex, Sexting (nude photos and sex chats) etc

For the purpose of this teaching, I will like to focus on PURITY IN RELATIONSHIPS.

Maintaining sexually pure relationships.

If we obey God, the cost is not without its rewards

Purity is worth the price!

If it is about “some men” they are not even “sexually pure” when you marry them

How will a virgin lady be “given” to a man who has been sexually active all his life, but now born again

Majority of you ladies here who are virgins “might” end up getting married to “non-virgin brothers” or “virgin brothers”.

Many of you ladies who, in the past, had sex might end up with virgins.

Secondly, sexual purity is not ONLY about “having your hymen intact”

Our hymen can be “intact” yet we are not SEXUALLY PURE

There is no point feeling bad that you are a virgin and you might not be getting married to a virgin. It is of no importance, IF the brother is BORN AGAIN. He’s a just god.

I want to share a personal experience with you ladies


He had toiled all day enduring the scorching sun and finally, he got to his place of rest. He sat down comfortably and positioned himself like a king expecting a meal to renew his vigour and satisfy those worms singing national anthem with tears in his tummy. Shock was an understatement when he beheld the food that was placed before him. A plate of food, a delicacy! So inviting but the plate was stained with shit all around the tip of the plate. The hunger disappeared.
How on earth can I call this a meal. It is not fit. With great sadness He gently pushed the food aside and said ”I love to eat this food but not as long as the shit is on its tip”.

It was a revelation

God gave me that revelation years ago, it opened my eyes and prompted me into making a new commitment to God in my spiritual walk.

What is the meaning of the revelation and how did it apply to me and to you now?

There are 2 types of virgins: IMPURE VIRGINS & PURE VIRGINS.

Impure virgins are liken to a plate of a delicious food but with shit/faeces all around the tip of the plate.

These are the daughters of God who are involved in mostly all sexual sins except penetration(sex).

They are virgins and they claim they are, but they MASTURBATE, and do all sorts of ROMANCES, FOREPLAYS, ORAL SEX/ANAL SEX, PORNOGRAPHY, LESBIANISM etc all in the name of keeping their virginity/ boyfriends/girlfriends/

The pure virgins are the virgins who are delicacies without a pitch of shit on their edge.
They are holy in the spirit, soul, and body

Their lives reflect Christ and their characters are godly and attractive.

Following this revelation, I took a careful study of my life and I discovered I was among the impure virgins.

Sexual Purity is all round purity

I was in a relationship with a guy whose spiritual values contradicted mine. Though he was a Christian but he didn’t see pre-marital sex as anything sinful, so serious like I was preaching it to him.

He detested the way I carried the fear of God on my head and always complain about my spirituality.

Fine, I can’t deny He was a very loving and caring person, we went through a whole lot of life challenges together. I was so committed to my relationship with him to the extent that I was ready to do everything EXCEPT DIRECT SEX to make the brother happy and stay with me.

Due to my refusal to have sex I was involved in ROMANCES, FOREPLAY OF ALL SORTS…smooching, kissing, caressing and mis-using our tongues etc until the day I encountered God in a new light.

The Holy Spirit arrested me like Saul on his way to Damascus.

I was terrified by the revelations. I wondered and asked, Lord how come? The delicious food with shit surrounding the tip of the plate?

He replied me: the food is good, delicious and inviting but there’s a blemish therein,
The food stands for your life

Such are those who claim they are virgins yet engage in all sorts of filthiness.

Purity is far beyond just keeping our hymens intact. How is your character? Purity of Character.

Some sisters need to “dress our character”

The Holy Spirit ministered to my heart that I should Be a virgin of purity!

That was how I painfully (with the help of the brother) called off my ungodly relationship

I CRIED and refused to be comforted by my family, thinking I had lost a treasure.

It was painful! I shed tears!

Little did I know that I was only being kept for the master’s use

I made a new commitment & re-dedicated my life to Christ that year.

That was the incident that preceded my calling/ministry

It was Tears that pays

This is a mirror. View yourself. What decision do you need to make now? It doesn’t really matter how far you have gone wrong. God still needs you. God needs WIVES. God needs MOTHERS. God needs VESSELS like Deborah. You are called into a life of holiness. God didn’t create you for sex!

I focused on my spiritual life and made a decision to draw closer and deeper in my relationship with Christ.

Few Months later, the journey to the discovery of my God-given purpose took off and a new life started.
It was a season of Tears that pays for me

If your boyfriend/fiance, is not staying because of sex, he’s definitely not worthy of you!

You don’t owe your body to your boyfriend/fiancé but your GOD and your spouse

Sisters, a real son of God will respect you, treat you as a queen, keep you like a treasure, and take you to the altar, not to his bed

On the way to Golgotha, Jesus was being led to the place of crucifixion

Luke 22:23-31

Women were crying for Him. He looked at them and said, don’t cry for me. Cry for yourself! Your tears wouldn’t stop the soldiers from nailing me to the cross

That is  “tears that do not pay”

He’s saying the same thing to everyone right now. Let your desperate need be the transformation of your soul, I don’t need your tears.
Jesus is redirecting you to look inwardly and see your state. Reach out to accept His offer of salvation
The serious issue is not about the thorns on my head; the scars on my body; the blood gushing out of my side. I just desire your soul. Don’t sympathize with me, I have done it for you.

The tears that pays is the brokenness of your heart unto repentance

It doesn’t matter the mess you have done. A woman came to Jesus; the Alabaster woman. She brought tears that pays. She wept for her sin.

How is your relationship with God? You are ordained to be a woman of substance. See Jesus for a new beginning; pray to Him as you read this.

I’m praying

I have prepared articles to share with us but this is the way God wants it right now

Let’s settle this, then every other message will take roots in our hearts. You can pray to rededicate your life to Jesus

Thank you Jesus

In Jesus name we have prayed

To be continued tomorrow

Mrs Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi is a Minstrel and a teacher of the word of God. She speaks in schools, churches, and conferences. Her passion is in the areas of Sexual Purity, Purposeful living, Godly Relationships & Marriage, and Spiritual Maturity.

Along with her husband, Omoniyi Temitope Mayowa, she coordinates Threshing House Missions and lead District Generation Team. They reside in Shagamu, Ogun State as full time missionaries. 

Mrs Esther was our guest on our active WhatsApp Group of over 250 ladies. She was able to manage two nights (10th and 11th January ’17) with us, and we were really blessed. We’ll be sharing the second part tomorrow.

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