Let’s talk Hair!

Hello gorgeous,
How are you doing? I’m doing alright
Permit me to wish you a happy new year. Of course, I know I am late. But remember, better late than never.

I hope y’all have goals and expectations for this new year. Quick question though, when you were penning down your thoughts did you remember the hair on your head? Did you take the effort to set hair goals? Honestly, I didn’t! It wasn’t until few weeks back I realized I had forgotten about my hair while setting those goals.
If you’re natural haired like me then you know a little about the struggle of keeping up with all the trends. It is simply exhausting.

Matthew 10:30a says “even the hair on our heads are numbered”. If that’s the case, I personally do not want a stench oozing from my head when the hair counting process is going on.

In that case, it is time to focus on our hair and learn more about our crown regardless of whether it is natural or relaxed.

That’s my afro in its shrunken glory!

My name is Tayo, I’ve been natural for about 2 years. I actually big chopped because I was tired of spending too much on weaves (dumb reason right!). Now I would like to know more about you and your hair. Tell me, why are you natural or you’ve refused to join the bandwagon? Also what is your reason for being natural or relaxed?

9 thoughts on “Let’s talk Hair!

  1. Heheheheh. I just had my Big chop too. I have similar reasons with you except that i noticed my hair was faulty… Lols. I wanted to repair it but i dont want a faulty foundation so i opted for my big chop. I did that about 2wks ago n i’m enjoying my Low cut like that with no additional costs yet

  2. Hey Tayo. I’ve actually been natural since birth but at a point, i decided to join the bandwagon and relax it but it damaged my hair. I wore low cut for a few years and now I’m all natural again. The growth of my hair can be defined as stunted but I believe in miracles. 😁🤓


  3. Hello…I am sharonpaula. My hair is relaxed, well ‘cos it had been before I knew of the ‘natural hair gang’, back then I’m Secondary School, relaxing your hair was like the…big girl thing. So how would I have thought being natural would be cool when not being natural was all ‘we’ ever wanted. But now, I do think Natutalistas are cool and i would love to be one but I really think its expensive (my mindset) and that’s why I’ve not joined the trend ‘cos I doubt I’m up to the task just yet.

  4. Natural. i’m about 5months post relaxer or so. Reasons i bigchopped(four months ago):
    1. i got tired of my hair. i had nice hair to some extent, just got tired. 2. Curiousity and the desire to explore.
    3. All those natural hair gang made me fall in love with it.
    4. Needed a break from hairstyling. i was almost always confused on what hairstyle to make. it was frustrating.

    Hair goals for 2017:
    1. keep it simple
    2. give it attention
    3. don’t break the bank.

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