What should I do?

Hello grandpa,

If you have a friend that has been advising you to have a boyfriend at a very young age, what should you do? -anonymous
Hello dear,

Thank you for reaching grandpa. There are actually two (2) basic things in your question and I trust to answer based on the way it is written.

The obvious issue is whether or not you should have a boyfriend and the underlying one is peer pressure.

You mentioned “a very young age”. Though you weren’t exact about what you mean by that age, I am thinking you are probably in your teens, and you definitely accept that you are at a “very young age”, which implies that you feel you shouldn’t give in to this ‘friendly’ advice.

My dear, going into a relationship is way deeper than running into it because a group of friends gist about it or are pushing to having one. My advise, tell them NO, and stand by it.

No point wasting your time, which implies your life over something just to please a couple of friends that you may never see again in the next 5years, but you will have to live with the consequences of your action.

So right now, learn how to develop platonic relationships with the opposite sex, keep discovering yourself, face your academics, make yourself, your parents and God proud. There is time for everything!

To the other issue of peer pressure, the news is that you will always have people around you that would want to force their own thoughts and value system on you. If you do not have your own set of value system, you will fall for theirs.

Having a balanced confidence in yourself can help you say to things that contradict your personal value system which should be carved in sync with God’s word.

I hope that helps you, please feel free to reach me if anything comes up.

Stay CHIC.

If you have questions,or issues you would like input on, please do send to aremotobi@gmail.com and be sure you will be reached ASAP. Your questions won’t be shared except you approve it.

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